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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by work4green, May 24, 2005.

  1. work4green

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    I've read a few of the tests on here, using different types of line and decided to do my own test. This test probably won't apply to most of the trimming work most lco's do, but it might help somebody...

    The trimmer(brushcutter) I'm using is a Stihl FS 550- the biggest trimmer Stihl makes. The head is a Stihl, that holds 4 strands. Half the testing time was spent cutting woodland weeds- poison ivy, virginia creeper, privet hedge seedlings, and the occasional small sapling... The remainder of testing time was cutting assorted pasture grass and weeds with some juncus grass mixed in.

    Again, this isn't your average daily use of a trimmer- most folks would use a smaller trimmer with a metal blade, but on the small stuff I can cut a wider swath with a trimmer line, making money faster... and leaving a cleaner appearance. There were quite a few logs, rocks, concrete, misc. metal scraps and anything else you could imagine that would abrade, chew, break or otherwise destroy trimmer.

    Ok, so far I have only tested two lines- Stihl X Cut in .095 and Husqvarna Titanium Force. Two lines of stihl were run opposite each other, adjacent to two lines of Husky.

    4 pieces of 7-8 feet of line lasted about 10-15 hours of trimming. I also have tested each type of line separately for an undocumented time...

    I measured each piece several times during the test, and there was no consistent difference in length of line. I did notice a slightly faster abrasion of the stihl line, mostly when around rocks. However, the Husky line seemed to break off more readily at times. The Stihl line seems to create more turbulence, pushing small weeds down too low to cut. This is no problem when trimming wooded areas, it actually forces me to cut lower- into the leaves and makes a better appearance. In dry or eroded areas this can be a problem. The Husky line seems to be less turbulent. I haven't notice any other difference in cutting ability.

    My next test will have one strand each of:
    Stihl X line
    Husky Titanium force
    standard Stihl orange .095
    Oregon aggressive cutting .105(comparable in actual size to the others)

    I'll considering a future test with Walmart line too...

    What do you think? Anyone else tried a similar test? :waving:

  2. MMLawn

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    I can you the time on the Wally World test. I did it this season and the true end result is the Wally world line sux big time! We were constantly retreading heads and spools because it doesn't last anytime at all and I was using the .095 Wally World line at like $14 for a 5# spool.
  3. TClawn

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    try oregon flexi blade in it. I have used it to cuting saplings with 1" trunks.
  4. work4green

    work4green LawnSite Member
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    I might give the walmart line a shot still, but I'll definitely get a smaller spool. Thanks for the heads up though.

    How long do the flexi blades last around rocks/logs? I usually use metal blades for things like that, but there is the occasional 1/2"-3/4" stem mixed in with the things I'm weedeating. How much are the flexi blades?
  5. BASIC

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    work4green,sir are you happy with your 550?If its ok,I'm going to PM you,I have some questions about your brush clearing buisness.Thankyou,BASIC.
  6. heavenlydeere

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    i love that titanium line, ive done alot of " on the job testing" of different line ,never a side by side! your info is very interesting, keep it comming please ! in my testing the husky line performed far ahead of the others , it just seems to last forever, i run sthil trimmers with their auto advance spool, .095 line, almost every time i check to respool its full , great stuff!!!
  7. work4green

    work4green LawnSite Member
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    Yes I am, its a beast! Best clearing saw made right now! :cool2:

    replied to your PM...
  8. TClawn

    TClawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    I use the flexi blade mostly when there's a good chance that I will hit some rocks of or logs. it doesn't give kick back like a blade will, and acts in all other ways like regualr trimmer line, except for the "teeth" on the edge of the line. have you seen a pic of the line yet? it really is quite effective at what it does. I use the .130 for lot clearing. you can use .95, but I find that it is not the best at that size. you really need the bigger line to take advantage of the saw teeth at on the sides. for more grassy areas, I use .130 grass attack. has a lot of mass, and really tears up the grass. the smaller line can be used for regular trimming.
  9. work4green

    work4green LawnSite Member
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    I'm usually pretty good at a google search, but I can't seem to find any pics of the flexi blade your talking about. Do you have a link?

  10. txlawnking

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    Work4green, click on the Oregon Icon at the top of your screen, if it's still here on LS, and you can navigate to the part about the flexi blade.. Either way, the info for it is on Oregon's website..

    BTW, with a machine that powerfull, I'd be using at least .130, more like .155.
    If the .095 is lasting that long, the .155'll last you all week!

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