Heavy Duty Trimmer Racks For Sale


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Southern Utah
1 Set Heavy Duty Landscape Weed Trimmer Racks for landscape trailers. The racks hold 3 weed trimmers. This rack has a pivot arm to lock all trimmers into place. On top of each rack there are two ¼” thick lock plates. Racks are made of heavy duty steel. All racks are mig welded. Trimmer supports are made of 3/4“ solid steel. Pivot arms are made of 5/8” solid steel rod and lock arms are made of 1 ¼” X ¼” steel. The main post is made of 1/8” square steel. The support base angles are 3” x ¼” steel and has 3/8” holes drilled for mounting. Base angles also can be welded. These racks are heavy duty racks and would cost over $200.00 at landscape dealers.