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    In our initial offering on locks for trailers we made special effort to lock up Lunette/pintle type connections and then offered the King pin setup. If you want additional security beyond what has been offered before please view our site at... www.trailerlocksonline.com Lunette/Pintle type lock is DaPlug lock on our site. The King Pin lock is our DaKing lock. When viewing the DaKing lock on our site...please wait a few seconds as the lock will come apart in different stages so that you shall be able to see how they work or secure the equipment when applied. This same setup also is demonstrated in our DaBull lock for Bulldog trailer setups. Our trailer locks are different...we hold the Patents and firmly believe that they are more secure. Ken
  2. ken gustafson

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    We are new to this industry and the types of equipment being used. Would like to know if lunette/pintle type hitch setups or king pin lock setups are in use in this industry. If those terms or language is new please view our site at www.trailerlocksonline.com and view these locks while in movement. We also have a model for Bulldog type trailer attachments. For Bulldog see DaBull...for King Pins see DaKing....for lunette/pintle types see DaPlug... others are coming soon. Ken
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    I have decided to have a sale on our trailer locks for the Lawn care people.
    So from now until Dec.30, 2007 20% off on our locks. These locks can be viewed at.... www.trailerlocksonline.com

    Lunette/pintle type hitches... is our DaKing model.

    King pin setups... is our DaKing model. Wait 5 seconds when viewing and the model shall come apart in several stages to show how it works.

    Bulldog model trailer ball hitch... is our DaBull model. Again wait a few seconds and the lock will come apart in several stages for your viewing in how it works.

    Other models shall be coming as soon as I receive the U.S. Patents

    Thank You all... the Lawnsite community is very active. Ken
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    Ken, I have looked at your site and spent some time and thought on your locks. I run equipment and also am involved with horses and the horse industry. The horse industry seems to be a ripe market for that type of lock........you show up at events, fairs, Cowboy Christmas in Vegas at the Finals, horse magazines, get one or several of the top clinicians to push your product........advertise to those trailering folks and I think your locks would be a winner in that market place.
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    Bump* Helping out a friend.
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    Just wanted to thank individuals who had the time to send feedback on prices for Puck locks. Our prices for puck locks at $17.50 plus freight and in addition to these locks being hardened and 6 pin setups with 2 keys....are a special deal until Dec.30,2007. Also our special on trailer locks for King Pins...Lunette/Pintle setups and for Bulldog type trailer ball hookups at 20% off is almost up. Thank you for your responses. For additional viewing see.... www.trailerlocksonline.com

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    your dabull looks 100% more secure than my gorilla lock for my 2 5/16 bulldog type hitch. I paid about $30 for my lock and it seems that a sledge hammer could defeat it though i haven't tried
  8. RockSet N' Grade

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    YellowDog........instead of a hammer, just spray some freon on the lock and then tap it lightly OR, just wait till you have a most frustrating day and share the sledge hammer results......
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    Merry Christmas everyone.......time is running out on our special. $17.50 for a case hardened 6 pin puck lock. And we are discounting our trailer locks 20 % for 5 more days...all of this can be viewed at... www.trailerlocksonline.com Ken

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