heavy equipment trailers(i.e. skid steers/mini ex) questions

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by deerewashed, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. deerewashed

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    Hey guys, I just got one quick question. If I buy a trailer with a gvwr of 14k for example, with a payload of 10500, can i put a machine that weighs around 11500 or something similar because of tongue weight? like when my trailer gets scaled, since some of the weight is on the tongue does that weight not matter for the trailer gvwr or scaling?

    sorry if this is confusing...

  2. jsslawncare

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    Do you think it's safe to overload the trailer by a thousand pounds?
  3. deerewashed

    deerewashed LawnSite Senior Member
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    would i be? based on how loading a trailer works you want 15% of the weight on the tongue, which in the long run gets transfered to the trucks weight/gvwr. so in the long run if the trailers gvwr is 14k and my load weight plus the trailer weight by itself is 15k, i should have around 2,250lbs of weight on the tongue which will be transfered to truck making the actual weight on trailer axles 12750lbs. so if i were to go over scales the trailers gvwr is 14k based on axles, and the only weight on the axles is 12750.

    I understand what you are saying, but based on how dot and scales work, i think this is logical. i am looking for advice from guys who hual equipment around day in and day out, and deal with the dot and scales.
  4. knox gsl

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    This is correct as long as the truck can handle that much vertical load on the hitch.
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  5. jrs.landscaping

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    The other thing to remember is the GVWR of the tow rig. Are you pulling this with a SRW 1 ton? I think this is the only way you would be legal with the transfer of weight to the truck and that depends on a few variables. If the truck is over 10k GVWR (1 ton DRW) the combo will put you into CDL land.
  6. deerewashed

    deerewashed LawnSite Senior Member
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    i am gonna be towing with a 9200gvw truck that weighs around 7300 i believe with a full tank of fuel and me inside. that leaves me about 1900 tongue weight which is good for the largest machine i am looking at hauling which is 10500.
  7. trailbuilder

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    It sounds like you will be fine for weight...you will need to balance the load precisely though. We used to haul at the GVW loads of our 14k lowbow trailer. Our big skid steer is 11,500- 12K. it was tough to balance depending on the attachment and we had alot of blow outs. We went to a 25k gooseneck and solved the problem but now have to maintain DOT and CDLs
  8. jsslawncare

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    I guess I read it to fast, I didn't notice it was rated to 14k. I just saw 10500 &11500. Don't hate me, I just a grass cutter.
  9. deerewashed

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    yeah i figured by the sig. hahaha
  10. hosejockey2002

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    If you're talking about gross axle weights, you don't need to include tongue weight since that's separate from axle weight. Total trailer GVWR includes tongue weight, so 11,500 on a 14,000 GVWR trailer that weighs 3500 empty would be technically overloaded. Would it break? Probably not, but it's better to have the right tool for the job. FWIW, you're not in CDL territory until the GVWR of the truck and the GVWR of the trailer combined exceed 26K, and only if the GVWR of the trailer exceeds 10K.

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