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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    I noticed two schools in B.C. advertising in some of the newspapers saying become a equipment operator and make good money. I looked them up for curiosity. Just to get some training on a excavator is 10 grand :dizzy:

    A full excavating course is 20 grand. Does this guarantee you a job "NO"

    You would have to be pretty desparate to pay that kind of money to get a job in the excavation field. It may give you some "Certification" but you have absolutely no experience so a contractor isn't going to hire you.

    It is kind of false advertising when they say guaranteed job placement and making big money. If you do get hired your a labourer in the ditch.

    I laugh everytime I see one of these schools ads in the paper. They are like a bunch of used cars salesmen. You have to be a sucker to pay 20 grand for training when you don't even know if you would get hired.

    Just my opinion if you want to get in the excavation business you start from the bottom as a labourer. You beg a contractor to hire you and try gain their trust you can run equipment. These schools give people this notion that we are certified we can get a job anywhere what a big disapointment when a contractor just laughs you have no experience go away.

    It just bugs me that these trades schools use lots of false advertising to drum up business. Seeing the ads in the papers saying there is guaranteed work and saying you can make 62 grand a year being a excavator operator.

    I know a bunch of equipment operators all laid off untill further notice no work for them. Guys with lots of experience looking for jobs. A newbie out of school has no hope in h*ll landing a job to pay for the 20 grand spent on school.

    Trade schools shouldn't be promising jobs and good paying jobs at that :nono:
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    Ya there is a school in New Hampshire that does the same thing. The company I work for hired a guy that went there just to do some basic suff. The first day they sent him to the pit on site to hammer some rock with a 235. He couldnt even figure out how to check the oil and start it. Pretty sad I think he paid something like 15k and the taught him nothing. He has been on a roller most of the summer.
  3. bobcat_ron

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    My brother hired someone years ago from the school in Aldergrove, what a joke.

    He was taught to dig trenches, the wrong way. Dig from the bottom up and use your bucket's curl force, never mind pulling the bucket across and going down in strips, just in case there is a pipe line you need to avoid.

    Then, he was taught never, never, ever to dead end the bucket cylinder to clean out the bucket, it might cause damage. The first time he dug in our sticky clay, he was using a shovel to dig out the soil, and my Dad was ready to kill him.
    It took him 3 years to pay off the loan, all $10,000+ and he was still as dumb as a stump, and we don't have the patience to train him for our needs.
    These HETS are a joke.
    We got rid of him in under a year, we then trained a family member (by marriage) and in less than 1 week, he was already pulling grades with an old beater we gave him. This "kid" was only 18 and he was damn good and fast, but very immature. The previous person, well, he was old, slow and not very smart.

    Every resume we get via fax, all the people start out as a fork lift operator, then they figure they have what it takes to be a good excavator/dozer operator. What a laugh. One dude, started out as a short order cook, then worked as a drip irrigation installer, then worked as a truss builder, then back to irrigation, then back to a cook, then BOOM! Now he's a "certified" operator. :laugh:
  4. IA_James

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    Is there anybody that offers something like that outside of the Operating Engineers apprenticeship program? I can't remember even having seen the phony schools around here, never mind a real one....
  5. wanabe

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    This kind reminds me of my uncle last week! He decided that he wanted to become a operator, so he goes to the local hall and signs up. Or local hall is out of people, so they call him the next day to operate a set of pans. So he has never operated anything, so he comes running for me and wants to know how to run scrapers. I just laugh. So he turns down the job. The next day they call him to run a excavator. So he knows I have one, and he wants me to give him a 30 min crash course to running one. I told him to stay at his day job before someone gets killed.
  6. Gravel Rat

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    What is worse is the provincial gov't pays for some peoples training to go to these equipment schools.

    The operators of the schools have to be just milking it as much as they can.

    It is very false advertising saying that they can gaurantee job placement. It is almost criminal to charge somebody 10 grand to teach them how to operate a excavator for month.

    The reason why I started this post is the fact I have been seeing these Equipment training schools really advertising its like business is slow and they are trying to drum up business.

    The work for a experienced operator is getting to be slim pickings so what does these schools figure a green horn is going to do. Most contractors will not hire a green horn because they don't make the company money.

    Any of the contractors I know won't hire a green horn if they don't know you forget it. Even hiring a person as a labourer isn't done you either have to have experience driving truck or running equipment.

    This equipment " Certified Operator " is nothing but azz covering if something goes wrong the company says well the operator is certified its the operators fault.

    Oh well I guess these schools will find some young guys and convince them you need to go to school to learn how to run equipment. The students rack up lots of debt. The school is filling their young heads full of pure utter B.S. They get so called "Certified" and go try get a job and get laughed at every place they apply too.

    The gov't keeps saying trades shortage there isn't a shortage or trades people the baby boomers and the older generation are still working. Excavation and construction companies have no interest what so ever hiring a green horn.

    With the construction market slowing down there isn't enough work to support all the people in the trades.

    I was talking with a truck driver friend today he was saying there isn't going to be any jobs for young people with the big slow down. The older generation has to keep working they can't afford to retire. People are working well into their 70s. Companies will keep hiring the older generation because they have experience and make the company money.

    Even to go to a driving school to get your class 1 (A) CDL is 3000 dollars.

    Well I will keep laughing when I see these ads in the paper for heavy equipment schools telling lies and ripping off clueless people.

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