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Heavy tracking solution for a 36” Wright Stander?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluesteel, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. I’m pretty happy with my 36” Wright Stander. But being a large guy, even in relatively dry conditions, the mower was tracking heavy. I’m careful to stagger my tracks by 1/3 each on each successive mow, but the tracks were still too visible. So with all the rain and soft soil, the narrow factory tires would only make things worse.

    I don’t know if these larger tires will work, but they’re a full 1” wider. The original tires were 18-6.50-8NHS, and these are 18-7.50-8NHS. That’s about 17% wider. They fit on the factory wheels and don’t increase the overall width of the mower (37.5”). Nor do they require adjustment to the parking brake. The original tires had the Turf-Master tread, which works well, but this odd-ball size only comes in the Turf-Saver tread.

    There is one problem however. These wider tires just barely rub the frame of the mower. So I used some ½” (inside diameter) flat washers on the lug-bolts between the hub and the wheel, to stand the tires off the frame about ¼”. These standard flat-washers are roughly 1/8” thick, so I doubled them (using 8 per wheel). The washers in the bin at the hardware store ranged somewhat in thickness, so be sure to match them so you don’t introduce wobble to the wheel.

    I bought these tires from Cedar Rapids Tire ( http://shop.cedarrapidstire.com/index.asp ) for $66 with shipping, and they shipped them right away.

  2. lawncare3

    lawncare3 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,981

    Looks great. :)

    I like wider tires more then skinny ones. I think skinny tires are EVIL. :angry: :angry:

    from AL
    Messages: 656

    tradeoff for less trimability.
  4. Yep, but I'm not impressed with this mower's trimming ability anyway. The picture is little deceiving, because the unmounted 6.5" wide tire is not inflated. By the way, that was $66 for 2 tires, delivered.
  5. Nice looking improvement.
    The stock tires look skinney by comparison.

    I prefer the turf saver tread over the turf master.
    Turf master is a little too agressive for tender turf.

    Take a look at this site for flotation tires.

  6. That's a cool link. I would like to get some wider front tires just for wet conditions. But it would require new castors, wheels, axles, etc. Which is ok, because I'd prefer to use the stock front tires in normal to dry conditions. Just have to rig something up when I get around to it.
  7. How much ability to trim do you get with a 36"? Not much I'll take stability any day over trim-ability.

    BTW trade-off is hyphenated.............

    Bluesteel I like the tire tread pattern you took off a whole lot better than the pattern you put on.
  8. Roger that. I'd prefer the original tread as well. But I had to do something proactive. The original tires had about 3/8" frame-clearance. This setup with 1/4" clearance may not be enough for anything but level ground. We’ll see.
  9. Yes I know Mike prefers Turfmasters over Turfsavers.

    He's stated that before.

    It's not just the pattern that's different.
    The rubber compound in the Turfmasters gives much better tread wear also.

    And they'll also tear up the turf more.

    But maybe everyone's not as paranoid about tearing up the turf as I am. But Hey! I'm mowing soup here.


    PS; If you're ghost writing for Mike couldn't you sign your post LGM or something?
  10. Strawbridge Lawn

    Strawbridge Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 660

    I e-mailed Wright Manufacturing regarding the tire issue/rutting last week. He wrote back:
    " I’ve been looking into wider tires and the widest I could find that would not stick out from the deck is an 18x7.0 – 8 Titan Multi-Trac. I would need to make major changes to the mower to get much wider tires on it than that without sticking out and even more major changes to have more trimming ability as you wish for in #4. I might have to sacrifice foot area to do it which might be worse. It’s more likely that I would only change that 2” wide flatbar that the upright is bolted to week and he forwarded to me a wider tire size. "
    I weigh 105 lbs and the machine still rutsin these soft conditions of late.
    I tell my helpers to get as close as you can during the first pass but don't spend allot of time trying to trim. Faster coming through with the trimmer IMO.
    Best to you

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