Heavy trailer ramp...any ideas for assist spring setup?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Brian@ELST, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Brian@ELST

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    My trailer has a 4' Tall X 6'6" Wide expanded metal ramp (weighs about 100 lbs). On busy days, I find myself lowering/lifting the ramp as much as 20 times in a day. This can take it's toll on my arms, shoulders and back!!

    Do any of you guys have ideas for a spring assisted contraption to make the lowering/lifting of the ramp a little easier? How about any websites that sell ramp assists or parts to make one?

  2. salvadorv

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    I put two garage door springs (one on each side) on my ramp and I can lift it with one hand no problem. Make sure you test differrent attachment locations until you get the right spot. If you put it in the wrong spot, it can close with too much force, possibly causing damage to the door or trailer or even slamming on your fingers!
  3. Likestomow

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    Mine is the same width, only 4'-8" long. I use two grage door springs, but they are both on the right side in tandem. They have been working fine for two years now, with finger tip lifting.
  4. Ryan Lightning

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  5. Yardman124

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    I have seen some posts for gate assisted products for trailers some that are manufactured and some that are hand made. My question is has anyone come up with a way to make one work for a trailer that has 4 ft side rails instead of the normal 12 inch rails ? The gate is 5 ft tall...:confused:
  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Lot will depend on the design on the back of your trailer. Iv seen and own 3 different style gate assist springs. The most common you see is the one where a cable comes out of a tube and stretches 3 or 4 feet I have one on a side gate attached to my basket of all the ones I have I like this the least. The cable/bike chain gets in the way and its the largest of the spring assist devices mines even short since its double barreled I still don't care for it. Then there are the compression springs if you have a bar for a gate pivot point you can slip one or more of these on it and when the gate lowers it will crush the spring compressing it and causing resistance. They seem to work ok they are much more common on heavy equipment trailer ramps. The ones I like the most I have on 2 trailers are 2 heavy springs that connect to steel bolts or pegs about 8 inches to a foot up the side of the trailer gates from the bottom. They then connect on a post at the back which on my trailer also houses the rear lights making them impervious to damage. What I love about this design is it takes very little space and they connect so close to the bottom of the gate that when its open they only are exposed about a foot or less down the sides so little chance of a mower accident with them. Also you simply tighten the nuts on the bolt to increase or decrease the tension iv had a 175 pound gate so light you could lift it with just your little pinky finger.
  7. Kelly's Landscaping

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    These are from my 20 foot trailer I restored/built last summer gives you 2 of the styles I'm talking about don't mind the floor missing this was just after paint.



  8. ed2hess

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    I don't understand the need for all these gate assist thingees just another expense that drives up overhead. And if you really use the trailers they will be broke and tore off.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    No need for me to stop for lunch and drop 30 dollars and 2 lobster rolls either but some days I just do. It real is just about being comfortable and it saves your back and when you work 80 hour weeks every bit counts.
  10. TuffWork

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    Your chiropractor visits could be considered overhead as well, and in the long run the gate assist thingee might be cheaper. I am young, and already have a bad back. I'm doing any thing I can to avoid problems later.

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