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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dean1130, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. dean1130

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    I am bidding on a job that consists of installing a hedge. Will be Thuja 'Nigra" , 7 to 8' Shrubs. I need to install 147 shrubs at 3' apart for a total of 441 feet. I could go 4' apart but the customer wants an immediate hedge. I will be bringing in a mini excavator to dig the holes and a tractor to haul the trees to the side of the property. The shrubs are about $120.00 for 1. The shrubs total 17,640. I was going to bid total for complete job about 45,000. Was curious if this is too low or just about right?
  2. esnipe8

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    What size are the shrubs, #15 or ?
    Your bid sounds very high to me. How much time are you expecting this to take?
  3. DJJS

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    the price sounds pretty much on target to me, 3 feet apart seems a bit close though, I'm assuming the homeowners want it to fill out for privacy relatively quickly, those hedges get pretty huge though. One thing that might speed up your time on the job, I'm not sure if there is one big enough but if there is you may want to rent an auger for a skidsteer & use that for the holes. I've never used one personally, so I dont know if there is one big enough, just a thought though
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    These are actually going to be b&b... I don't have a skidsteer unless I rented one. But do have a bobcat compact tractor. Will be putting in a drip soaker hose also and make a mulch bed around the shrubs when done also. Yes the customer wants it for privacy. I told him to go 4 ft apart but he didnt wanna wait for it to grow in.
  5. shooterm

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    Think you could just cut a trench the whole 400 ft? Seems like it could be a really quik job that way.
  6. procut

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    You can get a skid steer auger bit big enough to dig the holes, that's how I would do it. As far as price goes, you probably won't get it, unless the customer has more money than brains, I can't imagine he would pay $45,000 for an arborvitae hedge / screen. BTW, I think you could do WAY better than $120.00 a shrub, what are you doing buying retail?
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  8. Crash

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    I would dig a trench before I would use an auger attachment. This way you have room to maneuver the shrubs and line them up, plus it's faster and promotes better growth of the shrub than using a rounded off hole.
  9. Crash

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    I was just looking at your numbers and man...we did a hedge about like you're describing just last year. We got 140 6' Arbs from the nursery for $7700 delivered. We used a backhoe and 3 guys, it took us around 2.5 days with mulching and watering and such. We got around $16,000 for the whole job. And we weren't the low bidder, their were guys bidding around $12,000. So I'd say your labor is way off. Not trying to be a dick but...do you really think you have $27,360 worth of labor there. I think not.
  10. dean1130

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    Well I am getting the shrubs for $89.00 a piece and marking up 40%. Delivery cost is 20% of total cost of shrubs. I am also bringing in around a 100 tons of screened top soil, cause the hedge is in a clay soil area. So the backfill will be replace with topsoil to allow good root growth and to allow max oxygen source. I also gotta lay out drive matts, cause the homeowner has a new lawn put in last year, so can't damage the lawn. I am going to dig a trench, but the trench will be 3-4 times the size of the root ball. The standards have changed in the last few years. It use to be 2-3 times, now its 3-4 times. I am a certified arborist and also graduated from a very well known college of forestry, in urban tree management. I offer quality work and premium products, so my prices may be higher, but I do sell my work well. I met with the guy thursday night and sold it. I am also doing alot more work for him, not just the hedge, doing planting of other shrubs, tree pruning, hardscaping etc. But the hedge and cost of dirt and labor for all of that is 45,000. I also give a 3 yr guarantee on all trees and shrubs planted by my business and if we care for them. I go out on the limb to satisfy my customers 100%.

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