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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by GTO Pro Landscaping, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. GTO Pro Landscaping

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    I was asked for a quote on planting hedges on a commercial place that will be used as a fence. I will need about 150 hedgers each about 3 feet high 3-5gal each. The price for each would be from $20-$30 each. They do not want mulching but I may need to do watering as well. I have an idea but I want to see what you guys think.

    I also know that the best time to do this is when they are dormant around November-March. It is summer now and they want it done now. Or do you guys think they should just wait?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    :) THANKS
  2. cpllawncare

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    $60/each installed
  3. Dr.NewEarth

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    If you go a bit higher, you can purchase soaker hoses and a single zone timer.
  4. Gmgbo

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    I would double the cost of each shrub and add 5% for a warrenty. Def ad soaker hose
  5. Coffeecraver

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    What I would do:

    Charge 2 1/2 times the plant to provide and install.

    Dig a trench about 6-12" in depth along side the planting area.

    Put together 10' sections of 1/2 " PVC pipe as many as it takes to cover the area.Lay them in the trench.

    Cut in threaded tees where the shrubs will be.
    Connect screw in bubble heads.

    Connect end near house or water supply with a 1/2" to 3/4" fitting
    Attach a garden hose to that.Run this hose to a Y connector at the water spigot. A back flow preventer may be used.
    Cap the other end or put a drain plug in it.

    Turn the water on to flush glue residue prior to attaching the bubble heads or they will clog up when you turn on the water the first time.

    This system should last through the summer.All the home owner does is turn it on at the house and let it run for a while.

    Plants that are sitting in water can not take water in or get oxygen.
    Therefore monitor the soil conditions and use water system as needed not daily.

    Water shrubs in when planting by sticking the hose at a low pressure down in the ground beside the plant.

    Good Luck!:)
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  6. muddywater

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    $60 for buying and installing a 3 gallon shrub???

    If your paying $20-30 each, you need to find a wholesale nursery or buy direct from the grower.

    I could do the job in one day with drip irrigation off of a water faucet for $2000 in labor plus plant and irrigation costs. Typically if it is 150 3 gallon plants, you should pay around $8 a plant.
  7. Barrett Landscaping

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    this whole thing is a crapshoot since no where it mentions the type of hedge being installed. if it were boxwoods for a #5 it would be around $50 installed. however, a #5 is not 3' tall. just some food for thought. would also consider getting a mini skid with an auger for the day to speed things up.
  8. Duekster

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    I do not know what grows in your area and others mentioned your prices seem high on the plants.

    I always like to know plant prices at retail so I can charge that price, particularly on quantity.

    Most common hedge type plants cost between $8 to $11 each wholesale in 3 to 5 gallon pots. This puts you at well over $1,000.00 which is a typical minimum order for true wholesale from grower.

    Definitely break down the cost on plants at retail prices and install cost.
    If they choke on the price then you can scale down the size from 5 gallon to 3 gallon or from 150 to 100. Easier to negotiate down when you break down the cost this way.

    You can find a few ways to pad the cost a little, IE 110% of retail.

    Give yourself a little wiggle room. Because the job is going to be money maker if done right and sold correctly

    You have to figure out the best way to water....or give us a hint

    There are adjunctive and root stimulator's like super thrive that add cost but are helpful IMHO....

    This is a case for line item cost for sure so they can adjust the scope provided they agree with the individual prices. If they scale back too much be frank and say, I proposed wholesale prices based on quantity. They can not go down below 100 plants and expect the same unit price.
  9. GTO Pro Landscaping

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    Thank you all very much for your help. All the information really helped. I appreciate it.

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