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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dix, Nov 20, 2001.

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    HELP! I am going to submit a bid on an appartment complex. It has 1925 L.F. of hedges over 6 feet tall. I would be trimming only one side as they border other property, & I do not believe they need them topped. They also have 334 L.F. of hedges 4-5 feet tall (these, I would be doing both sides of & the top. I have not done large expances of hedges before & have no idea what to charge for them. When doing individual home owners I uasually ask $35.00 per hour (me with no help). In this case I will plan to use one helper.
    Thanks for the help,
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    What will you be using to trim the hedges?
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    You only have to trim 1 side ? On my properties we trim the whole hedge row, no matter whose side it's on.......
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    You better get a set of GOOD extended shears- you'll need 'em! Also, on hedges there has been talk of growth regulators, this may help.:)

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    Why do you keep posting pics of cabbage and stuff??
  6. we charge 75 an hour but there is 4 of us sometimes 5 if our dad
    helps.something that helps us is haveing extened clippers with the regular ones and good ladders we use a ladder called versaladder
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    what kind of "hedges"
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    Dix: try your best to guess how many hours it will take and multiply by your hourly rate. Figure in time to haul off debris and dump costs.

    odin00: is that $75 a man hour??!?! Or $75 divided by 4 guys per hour?
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    I will be using a hedge clipper attachment to my Echo power head. I only have to trim one side, as woods are on the other. I can't begin to estimate how long it would take to do these as I have never had to do long runs of hedges. Was wondering if anyone has any figures in cost per 100 L.F. or perhaps someone has figures on how long it takes per 100 L.F. As far as the type of hedges, I don't know what they are called.
    Any ideas welcomed!

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    Unless the owner has specificaly said "don't trim that other side" you might want to do it anyway. It would be better for the health of the bushes to be trimmed evenly so the whole row doesn't end up looking like or actually leaning over. Also be sure to get down in there and cut out any volintier trees and large dead branches . This realy makes a top notch looking job. You don't have to spend as much time on the neighbors side but still give it a good trim to keep it even.:cool:

    Your by the hour price sounds good . If you have two poeple working the take your time by two the by $35. Or If your second person is Unskilled, - just there to help with the clean up or whatever then maybe charge a little less for there time. Try to figure out how long it takes you per foot or per ten feet of a smaller hedge then use that as a guide to estimate for the larger ones. I would tell the customer I charge $X per man hour and this job will take betwen ___ and ___ hours. Let them know that your only going to charge them for the time it takes but estimating that time is not an exact science, especially since you haven't done that job for them before.

    Hope this give you some ideas:D :rolleyes: :confused:

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