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    I usually just do lawns, but one of my customers wants me to put in mulch and a row of hedges. They want the big bushy ones and when the get big, cut them flat instead of round (any suggestions of what plant?) I have the mulch problem solved, but how do I charge to put the shrubs in? Do you charge per plant? The ones Im looking at are $15 a plant and I think he wants 10 or so. Someone told me 3 feet apart, and 3 feet away from the house. Thanks for any imput!
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    Evergreen or deciduous?
    Im thinking yew or burningbush, purple pear.
    spacing sounds good. think about surrounding color in summertime. Warn customer not to expect full hedge for 3 years at least.
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    $45.00 a plant, labor included. Do you have to develop a bed for the hedge? Does he want mulch? These are extra.
    Make sure you use a root stimulator, soil activator, etc.
    Good luck.

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