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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by billyd-scapes, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. billyd-scapes

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    looking to buy a new pair of hedge shears soon. i have all the gas hedge trimmers looking to buy a decent lightweight hedge shears. i do about 3 days of pruning/shaping, so looking for something lightweight to reduce the wear on the arms. looking at Bahco's right now' price isnt a factor but would like to stay under $100. needing something with replaceable blades. i been using coronas in the past years but they only seem to last a season. any suggestions.?
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    I personally like the Fiskars brand found at lowes. I think they have something worked out with Gerber knives or so but they are great tools. Shears stay sharp when sharpened right.
  3. billyd-scapes

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    Its the weight of shears i'm looking for i need something ultra light. Doing this work for 20+ years i've developed carpel tunnel in one arm and tentitites in the other
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    I have a pair of ARS HS-K1000 that are awesome. The build quality , ergonomics and weight are perfect. The blades cut like lightsabers and hold a good edge. These leave an immaculate finished product.

    I watched some YouTube bids of some Japanese gardeners using hand shears to shape some hedges and trees. Watching how they use the shears and their technique helped with my style.

    The ARS shears are worth the $100 if you plan on using manual clippers. They leave a great finish.

    The Japanese make nice shears also and they can be found on web.

    Hope this helps.
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  5. billyd-scapes

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    Thats the ones i been looking at vs the bahcos. Just havent found anyone local who uses them.I found them last night on the web for $67.. i think i'll order them tonight..thanks guys for the input
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