Hedge trimmer: blade stiffener or no?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Jason Rose, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Jason Rose

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    Hi all! I just purchased a new Echo hedge trimmer tonight, wondering what the aluminum "blade stiffener" is really supposed to do? I noticed right off, it does the same as the one that was supposed to go on my Tanakas, and that's NOT allow the nice sheath to be used anymore. To me it looks more like a "safety guard" than anything, and how it lines up it looks like it would hinder cutting of larger stuff.
    I never installed the one on my Tanakas, just because I couldn't use the sheath with it on.

    Do you use yours? I need to put this dude into service tomorrow, have to get a place cleaned up so the lady can put the house up for sale! My Tanakas are great, but I can't get them sharp, and I use them to cut down pampas grass in the spring... That's really hard on them! Thought I'd get a "good" set for nice stuff and save the old ones for chopping large crap and the grasses. (last time I used them I honestly could have done a cleaner job with my line trimmer, and I just attempted to sharpen them not that long ago)
  2. Jason Rose

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    OOOOOKKK, well :hammerhead: on me...

    When I was "attempting" to gauge whether or not the thing would fit in the sheath I didn't have it mounted, just slipped it over the bolts. The sheath looked plenty big enough height wise, but didn't fit width wise more than a few inches... anyway... :hammerhead:
  3. forestfireguy

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    If you're really interested in a quality cut with you older machines order some replacement blades. I'm not sure what they go for but I changed the ones on my stihl a few years ago.
  4. ed2hess

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    We take off the aluminum shield immediately. But maybe it would keep the trimmer from eating through the pants and skin when one inadvertently gets it close to the leg? I think I have have pinched the skin at least once a year to the point blood flows.
  5. Jason Rose

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    Yeah I really think it's more of a guard than anything. My assumption is that they CALL it a "blade stiffiner" so that people will be more likely to use it thinking that the blades could break or something without it.

    I used mine with the "guard" on there and it does seem to cut fine. Man, new blades sure do cut CLEAN! I'm NOT touching these to overgrown anything nor pampas grass!

    I was thinking about the post from a while back about the guy that sliced his leg BAD running trimmers like that. Made me a lot more aware of the dangers for sure. They really seem harmless, other than to fingers, compared to like a chainsaw, but that's not the case at all. Of course I'm an idiot and had no gloves on AND I was in shorts! I lived...:drinkup:
  6. Uranus

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    I took the guard off after one use last year when I was working for someone else. This year when I bought my echo trimmers I told the guy at the counter not to put it on and he said he had to because the echo says that at the time of sale it has to be installed. So when he was doing the warranty papers I took the bag of goodies that come with it and put them in my truck. So I run them with no guard. Plus its like a giant sun deflector straight into your eyes. Also why do they have the exhaust shoot straight down. I remember when Husky came out with one of their models it shot straight down and bunt spots into some bushes at a funeral home we trimmed. Owner was pissed.
  7. Jason Rose

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    LOL! I thought about that too! My areator has an air cleaner cover on it that's CHROME! wow that thing will blind you every chance it can for sure.
    I think the exhaust on my Tanakas points down as well... Never seen a problem from it. Have had bushes with mysterious brown streaks on the sides, oh, about mower muffler high.... :rolleyes: looked and I only get within about a foot of them too, but close enough that the exhaust on a 25 hp engine burns it.

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