Hedge trimmer which are best

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Penn Landscape Management, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. dboyd351

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    Sorry for the duplicate post. My 8 year old daughter came in and distracted me!
  2. AkRowdyA78

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    I have the Echo HC-150. They cut great. It has a 20 inch blade on it but the unit itself is pretty heavy. The only reason I went with Echo was because I paid $279 for them instead of paying $299 for a pair of 18 inch stihl's. Whatever pair you decide to get, make sure you get some 3 in 1 oil and oil the hell out of them after every use. Water is your enemy!!
  3. pugs

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    Its a good head. Shares some components with the THT-2100. I would put it on a larger machine though. The pole Tanaka hedge trimmers have always had 25cc or larger engines. I wouldnt put it on a TBC-230, TBC-240PF or TCG 22 or TCG 24. Of the current products I would say a TBC-260PF would be the best thing to put one on.
  4. dboyd351

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    Thanks Pugs. It looks well made and says "Made in Japan", but it is good hear from someone who has experience with them.
  5. mcambrose

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    I'm a lightweight physically. Top out at 145 lbs, so I need lighter equipment. I have had Tanaka 21" double sided trimmers for about 20 years. I have gone through two pair. I am now on my third trimmer. I have not found anything in the same weight class. They are very reliable and cut well. I only use them about 40 hours per summer, so I they last 7-10 years.
  6. dboyd351

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    They make some nice lightweight string trimmers, too. They seem to have a good solid rep among those that have used them, but in many areas the dealer network is virtually non-existent. Too bad they can't get a decent distribution/service network going.
  7. piston slapper

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    Its not that simple...Dboyd...there are a lot of good equipment lines out there that you will not see at your local dealer...The dealers have to make money..
    To carry an equipment line is an expensive gamble..Once the trimmers and stuff show up at the dealer..they own them and have to pay for them whether they sell them or not...and they usually have to buy 50 to 100 units and a mandatory parts inventory...The inventory is the profit killer as they don't let you pick what you want to stock..they usually load you up with slow moving parts so they can get the stuff out of their warehouse.
    The other deterrant is that taking on another equipment line may void your dealer agreement with Stihl and others..They don't want any competition..
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  8. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    i like Little Wonder gas 30'' one side trimmer Bought 3 back in 90s and they still run strong very little issue mostly screws coming loose
  9. piston slapper

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    The LittleWonder hedgers used an Echo engine with a Maruyama/Kawasaki gearhead and blade assy...hard to hurt it...overbuilt...
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