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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by hossmp, May 26, 2006.

  1. hossmp

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    Hello guys, does anyone have any suggestions or pros and cons on different hedgetrimmers? I am not brand loyal to redmax, stihl, or shindaiwa for that matter. I have some of each brand. I have good dealers in my area. The one that I have used is a tanaka and I liked it but wanted to see what people on this site thought about the other big names. Thanks in advance
  2. fulano

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    I'm not a professional yet but I did buy a stihl hs81t 30" last week or so ago. It works good and has a lot of power. It doesn't vibrate much and is pretty quiet. I like the rotating handle because my wife is a lefty and I'll send her out to do yard work every once in awhile. All of that said I have nothing to compare it to as I have never owned a hedge trimmer other than this one.
  3. Fubba

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    The Stihl HL 100 K is a beast. I bought one about two weeks ago. The articulating head is awesome! I couldn't have done the job I was doing without it. It gets heavy after using it for awhile. I think Echo's articulating hedge trimmers are lighter, but I don't think the actual head is as heavy duty. I've heard that the articulating part gets loose after a time.
  4. gunner27

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    I have heard good things about Tanaka hedge trimmers. I am in the market for a unit as well. I have been looking pretty much at the differant Stihl models. I am probably going to go with the HS 80 model. I get fantastic dealer support from the local Stihl dealer which can't be ignored. Good luck!
  5. lawnboy dan

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    redmax makes the best hedge trimmers period. i cut lots of hedges and have used them all. echo -by far the worst. if you want a nice lite unit -get the shindawia homepro

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