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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 32vld, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. 32vld

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    Looking into buying my first gas powered hedge trimmer. Thinking of getting a Stihl brand.

    So knowing that they have cutting heads 18" to 40" long.
    They come single and double cutting edges.
    Standard length.
    Long shaft for reach.
    Long shaft for reach and can change angles.

    The trimmer I will buy will be my only trimmer to be used for every type of trimming job.

    So I don't think one of those 30" 40" trimmers will be needed because where I do not work in area as the Hamptons where they have miles of tall privet hedges.

    I think that 24" will be best all around length.

    I never used one of the extended trimmers. Does the extra length lower the power and durability?

    Is the extra length changeable angled trimmers have lower the power and durability issues?

    So based on your work experience what would make a good purchase for me.
  2. ngibson6

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    I wouldn't get stihl, just my opinion. I have a next to new, not used too much stihl as a back up and have had nothing but problems with it. They seem to have a lot of carburetor problems. Many threads on the subject. I have run a Tanaka THT-210s for years and really like it. It's a little heavier than stihl, but starts on the first pull every time and have had minimal problems with it.
  3. JCLawn and more

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    I love my shindiwa 24inch. Thing is a beast.
  4. frameslawn

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    I have the stihl HS45, HS81 (24 Inch), and HS86 (30Inch). I have to say that I like the HS81 24 inch the best. It has two sided cutting, weight is balanced, and it has been really reliable over the past two years.
  5. jackal

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    HS 86 24 inch double sided blades. I also have the hedge attachment, put it on the string trimmer if you need it, but it is heavy.
  6. Herrick

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    I've got two hs45 resi. Models that I've used for the last 3 years with no issues... Change the plugs and filters every year and that's it. I see stihl has a hs56 now for just a few more bucks, probably my next one if and when one of the 45's dies.

    Oh, and we trim around 3000 bushes twice a year with them.
  7. SDLandscapes VT

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  8. Alan0354

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    I have Shindaiwa M242 with short shaft articulate hedge attachment, a 30" Maruyama HT2321DLR, and Echo 150.

    What do you mean by just one trimmer? If you only going to buy one for all, a short reach pole hedge trimmer will do everything. Not the best for all job, but can do the most. Stihl, Echo DO NOT have a short reach articulated hedge trimmer. ONLY Shindaiwa and Husqvarna has it. Those from Stihl and Echo are too long to substitute as a regular hedge as it is too long and hard to control for trimming short hedges like boxwood. That's the reason I bought the Shindaiwa because the short attachment don't even have a shaft and you literally hold the gear box with your left hand and have really good control. And at the same time, you can reach high and cut flat top without using a step ladder.

    But as the owner of Shinadiwa M242, I suggest you to go with Husqvana 326LDx system. It is lighter. 326 has perfect reviews here for years. It is not that expensive.

    As for a regular hedge trimmer, I did a lot of research for a long time before I bought the Maruyama. It is the cheapest of all the hedge trimmers and the gear box design is the best. It is always 2 pull cold start and don't bog even you try to rev it up, it just don't pull full rpm for the first 20 second, it can still cut. Not like the M242 that it choke if you try to give throttle when cold.

    No experience with Stihl HS45, I did look into HS81, it is expensive and I question whether it is any better. It has very few ball bearing in the gear box where Maruyama has two ball bearing, one on each side of every gear. It also has roller bearing on the blade connecting rod. Only Shindaiwa and Kawaskai 600D has the same gear box design, ALL the others have fewer ball bearings. The one thing that stop me totally from buying the Stihl is they strongly discourage do-it-yourselffer. It is hard to even get the IPL for ordering parts.

    I found 30" is a touch too long, I would go with 24". Tanaka has the 26" trimmer. I think 26" is really perfect.
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  9. Darryl G

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    My first were a Shindaiwa 30 inch and the long articulated attachment for my Multitool powerheads. Between those 2 there aren't many jobs you can't do.

    I then added a shorter dedicated articulated Shin. Those are very handy but I do a better and quciker job cutting the sides of low shrubs with a standard trimmer. I added the Echo HC-150 last summer. At 20 inches it's nice and light but I've been advised that it is not a heavy duty unit and to try not to stress the gearbox. For little boxwoods and stuff this is my trimmer of choice. And I have a cordless 18 incher too that lives in my toolbox.

    ALEX'S LANDSCAPING LawnSite Senior Member
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    Stihl hs81t

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