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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doogiegh, May 11, 2003.

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    I have a customer that has 125 linear feet of hedges that are about 6 feet tall and another 214 linear feet of hedges that are about 4 feet tall. These hedges are about 12 inches thick and run around the entire property, from the front driveway, across the front by the sidewalk, turn a 90 degree corner and go all the way around to the back of the house and turn another 90 degree corner to run across the back of the property.

    As I said, they are about 12 inches thick, they use them for privacy as they are located on a busy street. All that would be involved would be trimming them horizontally to maintain their overall height as well as sheering vertically on the sides so that they don't get any wider.

    I have access to both sides of the shrubs as I'm either on their property or on the sidewalk property, and can walk all around the entire "hedge wall".

    It's kind of like trimming a total of 340 linear feet of the great wall of china. <G>

    I could put down a tarp on the side that I'll be doing most of the trimming from, but even using a 20 foot tarp would require moving it about 17 times.. (and when full, taking to truck, dumping contents and re-setting).

    So for these kind of hedges any kind of estimate on how long or how many "linear feet" this kind of job takes per minute or hour with 1 man, solo?

    I can reach the top of the 6 foot hedges as I'm 6'2 and I have an gas extension trimmer so I guess I can walk along and hold the trimmer up high (or use a short step-stool) and trim to make a nice flat-top.

    They are already trimmed and in decent shape, but the customer wants to get a price now as he knows they will need trimming by mid-June and again in late September. And I know he'll be getting other bids. I currently cut his grass as a regular customer..

    Thanks guys!
  2. o-so-n-so

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    50 scoops per man hour. + haul n dump fee determined by distance to dump area.
  3. gpriddy

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    I had one similar recenlty. I quoted $300.00, he laughed, I said ok I'll do it for $35.00 per man hour for cut, cleanup and haul, he kept laughing, he then told me a guy did it last year for $85.00 total, I told him to call him back...

    I still do his regular maintanence on everything else.

  4. Hawkeye5

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    I did a similar job two weeks ago. 220 linear feet of boxwood hedge trimmed back to 5' high, took out several small trees growing in the hedge and trimmed back two huge rose bushes. I charged $1.00 per linear foot. Clean up always seems to take more time than you expect on these jobs.
  5. Roger

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    I only have one example to follow, a 165 ft bayberry hedge. It is about 36-42" high, about 24" across. I use a Stihl HS80 (24" bar). The best I can do is about 60-80 ft per hour, with one other person providing some help in cleanup.

    I've done this same hedge for several years and know it pretty well. And, I've made improvements in my time. I used to use tarps on either side (good access from both sides), but have discovered that the job is quicker without tarps. The beds are in good shape, firm surface, with turf outside the hard edge. This means that forks and rakes work well (debris into 44 gal barrels), followed with a hand blower. I do 18-20 foot sections at one time.

    Your hedge sounds taller, making the top more difficult to reach. I have done a privet hedge, about 6 ft high, 3 ft wide. I've cut it a couple of times and have found the use of 15" horses with planks enables me to cut the top more quickly. Yes, it takes time to move the horses/planks, but I can reach more easily, and do a better job. I'm only about 5'8", so am "short on one end."
  6. Lawn-Scapes

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    I use 40" hedge trimmers for all my trimming.. so my guestimate is based on that. I could probably trim that amount of hedge (both sides and top) in approximately 2.5-3 hours. One hour for clean up. I would estimate for 4.5-5 hours......... $250?

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