hedge trimming pricing

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by jbgarrison6, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. charmill26

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    Yep bid it and see how you end up. After you do the work you'll learn whether you priced it too high or low you learn a valuable lesson either way. dont underestimate
  2. riverjunkie

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    What about (1\2width x 1\2heighth x1\2length =$$) minimum charge 5$ ea. for anything under 2' sq.
  3. Orrdc

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    Somewhat unrelated, but the best advice on trimming I ever got from this site was to bring a large old bedspread and move it around bush to bush if you are doing this on new (newer) mulch. It makes the cleanup SO much easier and faster
  4. OakNut

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    Speaking of cleanup - that's the part that always gets me. It's easy to figure out how long it will take to zip off a row of hedges, but you have to factor in the worst part - cleanup.

    Also don't forget to factor in disposal - dump fees plus TIME and fuel to get there - if needed.

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