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Tn Lawn Man

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I need a little help on this one.

I have bid many hedge trim jobs, but they have all been groups of hedges, beds, small rows etc.

However, this time the bid job is very large. There are rows and rows of hedges. I haven't measured yet but I would estimate several hundred feet.

The hedges are waist high burning bushes. Neatly trimmed and maintained already in a standard box style cut.

I am looking for a system of bidding based on linear feet to equal a particular dollar amount per hour for an average landscape worker.

Does anyone have this type of estimating system that they can share with me?

Thank you all in advance.

Lawn Man


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Houston, TX

I personally believe in the hourly system for all hedge trimming jobs, it works better that way than trying to measure shrubs. I think you will find better profits in the hourly system.

Its up to you if you want to let the customer know how much you charge per hour, I personally dont since many people are reluctant to pay someone $45.00 an hour to cut shrubs.


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I charge an hourly rate for those kind of jobs. One hour min. if it takes less than one hour. If it goes over one hour I will see how long it takes and charge for the amount of time I was there. For example if I charge $10 per hr. and it takes 15 min. then the customer gets charged $10 + tax. If it takes 2 hrs. 30 min. then I charge $25 + tax. This method has been working so far. If the customer ask how long I expect it to take I give them a time based off of experiances in the past.


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So true base it on a hourly like system,if you don't know how to bid you will be upside down in your quote.


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I charge per hour for garden work, hedging, topiary etc. This way the customer and you know what the rate is and it is easy to estimate your earnings per week or annum. Hedge trimming and topiary are more involved and usually machinery is involved so naturally the hourly rate will be more than general gardening. I mow lawns as well, so a combination of mowing, garden work, hedging topiary, mulching etc returns a good average per hour rate. In Australia we have a goods and services tax which I have to charge above my hourly rate at 10 per cent. I have to put in quarterly income statements and claim back any GST costs to the business. It's great being a mobile tax collector for the Oz government (joking!!)
To sum it up hourly is the only way to go....cheers!!

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I usually give them an estimate and explain to them that it is just that an estimate. I am a professional and I am usually very close but it will be billed hourly. If they are uneasy with that I will compromise (if I want the work) and guarantee the final cost to be within 20% of the original bid. One thing you mentioned is curious to me is that currently the hedges are "neatly trimmed and already maintained" Then why are you bidding the job? When I come to a house that is in great shape that is the first thing I ask, Why am I here? sometimes there is a good reason (and some people win the lottery). But with a difficult bid I'm not sure I would waste my time without that information.


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Dear Tn Lawn Man.....What are you worth per hour, how many people, if any are with you, what are they worth? Next, how proficient are you with a hedge trimmer. You should do a little test run somewhere for say a 5 foot stretch, then just do the math and come up with your price. Don't forget to figure in cleanup and disposal. Quick tip...I always do a little test with my rake before any hedge trimming. I walk along with the rake and tap any and all hedges to check for bees. This may save you time away from the e.r. Go get em buddy!