Hedge trimming the easy way?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Armsden&Son, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    My little wonder Gas 30'' trimmer single edge don't smoke and I take my finger off the trigger and it stops don't keep running the bar

    I keep mine tuned up I run smokeless oil in it
    I bought another gas trimmer double edge.
    I do have Little wonder Electric ones they sit at the shop I haven't used them for over 12 yrs.

    But see you are from Ca and you have Air problems there so I see you using electric I wont go back unless the gov. tells me to
  2. I think Snyders has the definitive answer since he has experienced using both the electric and gas Little Wonder's.

    Little Wonder's reputation is strong in this area, so I am sure they would be a top choice for electric hedge trimmer. I started out with Craftsman electric (1985) and it was not too long into the game before I went to the gas Shindaiwa. You trim weekly in Hawaii or you go to the beach and forget about running a lawn biz!

    My current setup includes all Kawasaki gas hand tools.

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  3. windflower

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    For light trim jobs on hot days I use a little wonder electric trimmer powered by an inverter and the mower battery. Slower than gas but nice not to have the fumes around and it is lighter. Makes a big difference in August. Unless an outlet is nearby voltage drop in a long cord is an issue.
  4. hotwired

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    My typical hedge jobs range from 4 hours to 12 hours, heavy cedar, pine, yew, etc. I'm wondering if having 6-7 batteries and charging them every night would be a good start? I haven't worked in the field in a couple years, then started this year back in 10-12 hours a week and I thought trimming with a gas powered Echo HC 150 was going to kill me. Felt like I was doing dumbbell curls and doing bong hits straight from a Harley exhaust pipe! I believe perhaps...I've gotten a bit wimply in my middle age but these battery powered options are looking attractive as long as they have some power.
  5. whiffyspark

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    No they aren't. Give one a try, you'll be surprised.

    Mine cuts through marsh grass faster than my little wonder
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  6. Mike NY

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    I have been thinking of pruning on a monthly basis instead of only once or twice per year..
    I am in the northeast. I know this is common practice in the south.
    Anyone have an opinion on weather or not this might prove to be worthwhile, so as to keep cleanup to a minimum, keep the shrubs from becomming over grown, use of lighter equipment because of no excessive growth? Plant health?
  7. Colaguy

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    Batteries are expensive nor are they cost effective.
  8. whiffyspark

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    Sthils are very expensive. Ryobi ain't bad
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  9. weeze

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    one thing you can do is take your charger with you on jobs. all houses and most commercial properties have outdoor outlets you can use to charge your batteries while you are working using another battery. just an idea.
  10. Colaguy

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    My Stihl will outlast ANY battery.

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