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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DAZ982500, May 25, 2005.

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    One Of My Customers Asked Me To Give Her A Price On Trimming Two Rows Of Hedges Bordering The Property.they Are About 8' Tall Run 50 Feet Both Sides. She Wants These Trimmed Down 6" And Leveled. She Also Wants 5 Shrubs In The Front Of The Home Trimmed Too.my Questions Are , I Generally In This Case Would Work By The Hour I Am Guessing It Might Take 3-4hours To Perform Work And Cleanup.my Rate Would Be 35.00 Per Hour. She Wants An Estimate Does 140.00 Sound Like It Would Be In The Ballpark .i Will Be Performing Work Solo.second Question She Has Not Indicated Whether She Wants The Clippings From The Front Beds Were The Shrubs Are Located Cleaned Up.to Make It Look Good And Right This Would Require More Time And A Tarp.what Do Most Of You Do In This Situation 1. Do What She Says Forget About Tarp Clippings Would Stay Under Shrubs Or 2. Clean Up Really Good Make It Look Great Then Charge Accordingly.i Understand She Calls The Shots But I Think She Is Leaving It Up To Me.thanks Dave.
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    Level the hedges using several measured poles with string between them as a horizontal guide, for the most awesome results and charge at least $52 per hedge of this size, just for the levelling.

    Your blower can blow light clippings under the shrubs (start the blower only once, at conclusion to accomplish this - and not sporadically as-you-go, which wastes time.

    If the clippings are all clumped up, hopefully she's got woods to tarp them up and dispose of them in, otherwise you need to pass on the full Landfill-fee cost to her plus at least $79 for each truck or trailer's transport/onload/offload of the trimmings to a landfill not more than 20 minutes away (more time = higher this transport fee).

    You need to include many factors of your overhead into the actual trimming labor itself. The big companies bill out $35-65 per man per hour for this, or fraction thereof - depending on degree of difficulty, thorns, or Poison Ivy ;) . We simplify all this by billing to the least quarter-hour, to the tune of $24-29 per quarter hour for the entire, 1-3 person, crew's efforts.

    Best regards on your pricing.
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    Dave, your estimate sounds a little low to me, but that may be what your market can bear. Can you do us all a favor, please only capitalize the first word of each sentence and proper nouns? Capitalizing every single word makes your post very cumbersome to read.
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    Hey i justed checked in I hope i'm not to late. You have under estimated your time. Several thing you need to look at... 1. Trimmer Size 2. How overgrown are the hedges. 3. Drive Time to and from house and the dump location 4. Are you bagging or mulching leaves. 5. Whats the width of the hedges, very important. My recommendations, use two people so you arent as tired.

    Conclusion: Total job should take 6 to 8 hours for one man bill for 8 @ 70 per hour plus dump fees. Do the tops first while your still fresh. $560 plus dump fees. Also sell a montly maintenance package every month or every three months depending on the growth rate.

    Also, i need your help. I'm in the process of recording labor times for our industry. Please, after your are done can you call me or post me on what type of hedges, trimmer size, width, height and length of hedges and total time minus down time etc. Thank You.
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    This is what I call precision cut. If you do not level and cut the hedges right she won't pay you. I think your job is harder than what you think. You need to base your estimate on so many factors. $140 is too cheap.
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    65 per hour sounds like a five hour job with clean up I lay sheets around everything then cut then pick all clippings out of shrubs then pick up the sheets and your done. I am just guessing the hours but I think you have a lot more than you think. Plus you better have some big sharp trimmers.
  7. kilpatrickshrub&turf

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    Your bid sounds quite low. You didnt mention what kind of hedgerow it is. Azaleas or ligustrum hedges are rather easy to flattop but something like a rotunda hedge is a nightmare. Do you have to haul it away? Bag em up and leave on curbside? Can you get your truck right next to hedge to clip or will u be hauling a ladder around all day? Are you shaping up last seasons trimming or is this hedge neglected requiring lots of lop shear work?

    I did a holly hedge about 75 feet each side of house flattopped out down to about six feet and brought the sides in a good foot each also. Badly neglected for a couple yrs took two of us three hrs to shape it up. I'm tall enough i didnt need a ladder but whew... i was shot when we were done.

    Was a contract maintenance account so no extra invoice but had it been otherwise I'd have billed 250.

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