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  1. Sam's Mowing

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    Last summer I bought a Stihl HS 45 hedge trimmer from my dealer. (I think I paid around $400) Even though it is considered a home owner trimmer it has lasted and works just like the day I bought it. I bought it instead of a commercial one because it's lighter, a little more compact, and still has a ton of power.
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    I have eco trimmers, I love them. I have used them for close to 15 years. I have used red max, stihl (yuck). As far as the stihl, I dont like that they have a one side cut look to them with that ball thing on the end. I feel they crush the leaf or shred rather than cut. but each there own. When I started my landscape business It was mostly trimming shrubs for vacation homes. I was on the trim crue of a big landscape co. before I started my own business. Trimming shrubs is more than just cutting off growth. first you need to know what you are cutting, what it can take. how much the plant can handel. What is the growth habit? does it flower? when is the best time of year to trim to trim this shrub. Do I want to make it look like it has never been trimmed or do I want it to look crisp and tight? I could go on and on. As you clean off the plant use your hand side of a pair of had shears. dust off the plant. cut off what pops up. remember to cut the lose growth of the bottom. If there is what I would call a hole, let it grow in, trim it lose there .Good luck.
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    Sam, I have a sthil hs45 also and its in the shop again. It keeps bogging down and won't cut when I turn it up sideways. Does yours have that problem.?
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    Hey, I haven't experienced that problem yet. There are a couple things I figure that could cause the problem but if it's already in the shop they will figure it out. Let me know if the problem is gone when you get it back.
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  5. thecuttingedgelawn

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    I wouldn't consider myself an expert hedge trimmer by any means, but I'm no rookie. What I always do is first stand back and see how much needs trimmed and the desired shape or form I want to adhere to and make a mental picture of it for each bush or shrub. Also what I learned early on is do as was mentioned earlier and only take a little bit off....you can always take off more. Then after that step back and look at it and see how it compares to your mental picture you made earlier. After that just Practice, Practice, Practice by doing it.
  6. thecuttingedgelawn

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    No offense but the HS45 is the homeowner Stihl hedge clipper. Try the HS 81R, thats what I have and I love it! I've cut some pretty big hedges with it and it never lacks power and isn't too terribly heavy and has an adjustable 3 way handle. They are considerably more expensive though.
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    I love doing hedge trimming. I do a three step look. Look at a distance trim and when your done look back again at every angle. I always blow off the loose stuff then do a final trim. I then use my shears on anything that is tight like boxwoods that are around objects or the bottom where the mulch is with the shrub. After a trim or two you will "GET TO KNOW" the plant and you will be able to get the feel of it and increase your speed. I always use WD40 before and after I use them and run them for away so it cleans it.

    If it's a full service account I always look at the work I have done to make sure there aren't any loose dead crap that is left over. I am very picky and will hand pick anything that I missed weeks later which is rare.

    I don't like echo products but there hedge trimmers are good. I recently bought a $450 Huqsvarna hedge trimmers 2 years ago and I am very happy with them except they do drink gas but they always start easily and have no vibration.
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  8. thecuttingedgelawn

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    Sorry to be critical, but I really hope you didn't pay $400 for that HS 45....Your Stihl dealer just ripped you off big time, by about $110. They retail for $290. I find the longer blade and adjustable handle on the HS 81 R very handy.

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