Hedgers- Handheld or Pole/Extended Type, how to choose?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Cathman, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Cathman

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    Ok, so i am looking to replace my ole sears brand hedge trimmer. My question in looking at the commercials is they have the hand held type and the pole/extended type. What are the benefits of each? I know with the extended you can reach higher places with its length, but is that the only advantage? What are the advantages of the handhelds? I maintain about 20 accounts on the side and have been able to convert several of my customers to full maintenance so i think its time to invest in a nice commercial. Also, if you have a favorite one feel free to post it and why.

    Thanks for all the info and any help once again.
  2. lawnpro724

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    You will not need a pole type hedge trimmer unless your going to be trimming large/tall bushes or hedges. If you are then I would recommend Echo HCA-260 thats what I have and its a great trimmer for high work and Echo HC-150 for general trimming. You can take a look at both at www.alamia.com
  3. corey4671

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    if you can afford it, go with the pole type. YOu can use it on smaller bushes an shrubs but its hard to use a handheld when you have on of those big tall hedges. I started out with the handheld and spent many an hour in the bed of my truck trying to trim tall hedges, kicking myself over and over for not buying the pole type. I just picked up a Stihl KM110 with the articulated hedge trimmer head along with a pole saw,edger and string trimmer head.
  4. kleankutslawn

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    I have both.I think its a little ackward to use the extention ones one low hedges because they are a bit heavy
  5. Cathman

    Cathman LawnSite Member
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    Well one of the local dealers is steering me toward the Stihl HL45. It is the shorter extended reach that he says can be used easily for the short stuff and for some taller stuff. Right now i dont have any really tall bushes, but i only want to buy once. I dont mind spending the money for a really good one, i just want to do it once.

    So keep the info and experiences coming. Like i said, i am a part timer so i dont have a ton of experience, but i pride myself on quality work and hedges that look great and even are a part of that.
  6. American_Lawn

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    From my experience, the echo extended trimmers did not cut very well. I used them with another company I worked for. I HATED them. We used Kawasaki trimmers and those are great. Lesco sells them. I have not tried stihl, hope they cut better than the Echo.
  7. C&K

    C&K LawnSite Senior Member
    from East TN
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    I agree. I too have both (Stihl) and from experience I can say that the only time I use the pole trimmer is when I have too due to its weight and it is very awkward compared to a regular trimmer when trimming normal shrubs. It generally doesn't have as long of a trimming blade either.

    If you are only getting one get the standard trimmer. Only when you see that you have a need for a pole trimmer, get one.
  8. Carolina Cuts

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    I just bought my second Stihl HL45... I dig it... go with the long blades and a ladder for now when ya need it. Cause the 45 comes w/ a short blade as well. 2 weeks, I'll be getting the pole trimmer for the simple fact... I'm looking at close to 1500+ shrubs being trimmed soon, and more then once this season..... 20% of em' are over 6 feet. You will NOT wanna use the pole trimmer on shrubs under 4-5 feet. Way to awkward.
  9. grasskicker71

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    I own the regular size echo. Cuts great. Rough on my back though after trimming for 20 or 30 minutes usaully take a break and rest my back for a few minutes. I seen a guy this past summer using the one your dealer is talking about. He didn't have to bend over or reach near as much. He just stood up sraight and it looked alot more comfortable. That is what I am leaning toward next.If your not in to big of a hurry though.Call all the small engine shops around you and see if they have any trimmers you might could pick up cheap. All they have will probably be the non extension kind. Get some of those cheap and buy the small extention ones new.

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