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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lukemelo216, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Hey guys,

    I was at a customers house the other day giving him an estimate, and he pointed out to me that some of his hedges are turning yellow. I can think of the name off the top of my head though of the plant. They are about 2-4 feet tall, evergreen like with really soft foliage. Anyways I trimmed all his shrubs last year, and it only is happening to a select few of them, mainly in the back of the property. I was thinking it was maybe winter burn or wind scorch. Today I happened to go outside, and notice it was happening to a few of mine as well. Its affecting the top of the plant, turning it this yellowish brown color. Any ideas on what could be going wrong, and how I should approach fixing the problem. When would be the best time to put down a fertilizer to fix these plants, I am in S.E. Wisconsin and the ground really hasnt thawed yet.

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    Probably is Winter damage from the unseasonably cold weather we had this year. Many Holly, Spruce & ground covers are damaged around here. The ones that face the North are usually the most susceptible, but this year we had some high winds from the east when temp's were -15f and I have seen many plants on the East side of homes damaged. I see it as an upselling opportunity:dancing: Put them on a shrub health program & spray them with a anti desiccant spray to protect them better for next year:usflag:
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    I have seen a lot of damage to yews this year, and what you are describing sounds like yew damage to me as well. I think it is the combination of a really wet summer in 2008 and some cold weather in the winter of 2009. I have a customer claiming herbicide damage.
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    alright. Ya the ones that are getting it the worst are on the north side of the house in a flower bed that is elevated about 3 feet or so with some really tall pine trees behind them, and then there are a few on the south east side of the property as well. The ones directly behind the house on the north side in the beds touching the house are all fine. I will certainly look into getting them on a shrub care program. Anyone ever use those wind screens in the winter?
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    Hedge--are we talking privet? Not always hardy in extremely cold weather. But also check for rodent damage at the base. Mouse damage under the snow. Rabbit damage above the snow. Mites or black vine weevil damage from last year could be a factor also.

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