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    ok, I just bought my first fixed deck walk behind mower... It is a Toro 32" T-Bar, and the mower shop told me that all I need to do to adjust the height of cut, is change the front wheel spacers. Is this right? Do I not need to adjust the rear axle to balance out the deck? Thanks.
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    For minor adjustment they can be made at the caster wheels and blades. If you need to change 2+ inches you should raise or lower the whole deck at its mounting point to the frame.
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    No, that's BS, front caster spacers is only one of three possible adjustments for fixed deck Toros,
    unfortunately the explanation takes time and too much for me to type up, and I really don't want
    to confuse you but to gain a better understanding you'll want to download the owner's manual
    as it gets into Axle positions and also blade spacers, this exists in my manual on page 22
    but the Height-of-Cut Chart is what you want.

    And it might take you an hour and it might take 10 minutes, I don't know, and maybe you don't
    understand any of it at which point you'll want to go back to basics which is using the blade spacers
    and the front caster spacers as MOST of us don't like fooling with the back axle...
    However, it would help to at least spend some time reading the entire height adjustment section
    so that you can, over time, become familiar with it.

    Just for example, my current settings are:
    Rear axle position: E
    Spacers below spindle: 1
    Spacers below caster: 4
    Which gives me a cut height of 3. 5/8"

    You will need:
    Your mower's Model and Serial number!

    Then, go here:

    And download your Owner's manual.
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