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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by dlandscaping, Jul 7, 2002.

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    I have a 36 toro fixed deck which as you know is a metro with tbar. I ordered the mulch kit backordered from toro for 3 weeks just got it and put it in with help from hoss. Tried it with the mulching blades and it was leaving a strip of uncut grass down the middle. I took off these blades and measured em with the factory blades and they were slightly shorter maybe 1/4" to .5". I posted in commercial lawn care and they told me come to you about deck pitch and height. I have two spacers on top of blades under the deck and three spacers under the casters. the deck is in position C on the rear axle. I want to cut at least this height if not higher do i need to adjust the rear axle? If so how hard is it and how long will it take someone who is pretty good with their hands? thanks exmark
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    Here what I can tell you, if your blades are shorter that is most likely why you’re have the problem. The things that cause streaking are, too much rake, too short of blade or the wrong blade, and a bent deck or the blades height varying more than the thickness of the blade itself.

    Your adjustment of your deck is fine, it’s probably flat or very little rake if any. Make sure the caster tire have air in them. (This is one of the biggest problems with too much rake in cutting decks) Adding more spacers on top of the blades usually helps with cut quality, but I'm not sure that's your issue. I would take it back to your dealer and have him check things out for you.

    You could try our mulch blade 103-2518 it seems to work good for us. Good luck!

    Thanks, Fred.

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