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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by hp8125, Jun 6, 2005.

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    I happen to have a very nice commercial account involving model houses, snowplowing, brushhogging, etc, It is a residential subdivision still being built which is an account I have had for over a year
    My question is this, I had insurance and lost it because I filed a claim within the first year, so I was told. It seems I was in a probationary period for the first year I was operating. When I went to renew my insurance, the accounts spokesperson also called to verify my insurance and that is how they found out. I found that they were not going to pay me for 1 months work because my insurance had expired. It took about two weeks to save up the 1 year premium but I was able to get insurance through another provider. Can they refuse to pay me untill I get my insurance renewed?

    The funny thing is, had they payed me as scheduled, I would have had insurance the same day I found out I was canceled, Must be murphys law here
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    Does your contract state that you are to carry liability insurance? If so I'd say your fecked.
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    Hi hp8125,

    If that is what they said they are going to do, I am sorry about them holding your money, but what can you do? Take them to court or Renew the insurance policy somehow?

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