Held Hostage by LawnMonkey

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Dandylyin Slayer, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. DJL

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    I love Quickbooks. Go down to one of the major office supply stores and they'll have it for sure. Depending on the level you need it is between 200 and 300 bucks (if memory serves me correctly).

    As for the orginal poster...

    What does that service agreement of your say? I'm assuming you have something like that. It will be x-amount for 5 years or whatever. If you don't, then I would say this lawn monkey thing-a-ma-jig has done nothing wrong. Haven't you ever raised your rates to any of your clients?
  2. walker-talker

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    Yes, but within reason!
  3. Dandylyin Slayer

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    When we purchased the program there was no YEARLY fee that had to be paid, we could purchase tech support as NEEDED.

    Now unless you pay the YEARLY fee they refuse to talk to you.

    They didn't raise their fee they totally CHANGED the rules AFTER the game begin.
  4. greensummer

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    I agree, now what can we do?:mad:
  5. Dandylyin Slayer

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    Well thats a good question, I am planning on asking that very question to our lawyer.

    If it wasn't such a BIG deal to move our clients and information to a new soft ware I would chunk lawn monkey in the trash.
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    Hi pimowtime,

    If you are interested in our software, you can download it for free from our site and try it for 30 days. Then if you want to purchase, you can order over the phone.
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    I recently purchased "Groundskeeper Pro". So far it has been great. You can download a demo version at www.adkad.com
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  9. divincem

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    I agree with NCSULandscaper, I have used Quickbooks (Pro 2002 ver.) in the past, and am just beginning to set it up for my lawn care business, it is a little consuming setting it up. You may not need to but I'll most likely hire an professional (CPA) to set it up for me, but after that, it's pretty simple, very detailed, and compatible with most pc banking, ect.

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