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    Yesterday I apparently committed a major lawncare blunder. I laid some plastic sheeting down in my backyard to protect my lawn from overspray from painting a door. I would guess I had the sheeting down for 2.5 hours and the temp was around 85. Apparently this action sucked all the moisture out of the plants. Immediately after picking up the sheeting, I watered the area and repeated a few hours later. Today, this is what the spot looks like:


    Is there anything I can do to save this area? Thanks for any help.

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    Doesn't look to bad keep the water on it and give it some fresh seed and fert.
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  3. bigslick7878

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    The moisture wasn't really "sucked out". The plastic sheeting acted as a magnifier of the sunlight heat and fried the grass. Overseed it and water it will come back.
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    Bigslick is right. If you are lucky, it will come back from the roots.
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    Ya, it's hard to fry the roots. I can put my propane burner to grass in walkways and driveways. It cooks the top, but grass roots are very well protected. The grass will be back growing proudly in the crack the next week.

    The things is, don't overwater. That will cause another problem. Try some aeration.
    Do you have a pitch fork?
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    Do nothing...it will come back. Whatever you do DO NOT FERT IT. Simple smothering and heat. More water won't help if the soil isn't bone dry. Fert at this point would be like eating a box of twinkies while sitting in a sauna for 2.5 hours.

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