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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Sep 26, 2005.

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    Hi all. I just found this site yesterday while doing some research for HDPE pipe which is starting to show up in our area more frequently, especially 4"-8" sizes on large main lines. The info put out is variable and spot on and I like the approach of being able to exchange information.

    My name is Hayes Davis and I live in the Visalia, CA area. I am not a true "commercial" (own company and having to bid jobs) irrigation professional since I manage the irrigation department of a good-sized school district; 45 sites. My background includes installation, maintenance, CAD design (stickler for as-builts), re-design (always adding/deleting buildings on a school district) and inspection of areas contracted out by the district. I work with automated (120 controllers alone in the district), manual (most are 50+ years old) and quick-coupler systems. I have an A.S. degree in OH with an irrigation specialty. I've been in the irrigation profession for over 25 years and find that I am still learning.

    Like I said before... always looking to learn more so I guess that qualifies me as a "sprinkler geek." :waving:

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    Welcome to the board.

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    Hayes - Welcome to the group
    Nice to have a local boy onboard

    Haven't seen you at Ewing in awhile,
    but then we're both out working in different areas.

    May see more of you HERE than in the field.

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    Small world! That's probably what will happen. Usually I have Todd or Leo handle all the parts running. Gives them something to do and keeps them out of trouble while I'm on the computer or doing something else... like frigging meetings. LOL

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