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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BottomLINEGuyNY, May 25, 2013.

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    Oh and as far as picky customers: Those are the ones you want IMO.
    But you have to be good at what you do. Picky customers will always pay more but you have to have the skills to pay the bills.
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    And another note: Even though your equipment was cheap or free you still need to charge overhead. There are maintenance costs, running costs and equipment costs in addition to your labor rate. These are all things you need to know in order to be competitive and charge fairly.
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    HaHa! No worries man! All depends on where you are... Most dunks are franchised.... So in a rural area, one guy might own 3 or 5 of em... But in a heavily poplulated area, with dunks on every corner, some guys own 50 of em.... Just gotta do your homework, walk in one and ask for the owners contact info and go from there... Seems like now-a-days every other place is so different... corporate ownership, franchise, private start up... But one thing is certain, somebody in that building has a phone # for the owner and I'm not leaving until I get it... Now, there are a lot of threads on here about places like Lowe's and Target and Walmart and such and these places are different... These places are so corporate that they use property preservation type services or middlemen and while I have read good things about these companies, I have read some bad things as well... Also, some places have an open bidding season and some places rely on the discretion of the owner(these types of places are great for my aformentioned bring in pictures technique)... But either way in CAN NEVER hurt to drop in and introduce yourself and leave a biz card.....
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    @ toasted...I absolutely get what you mean about the overhead...Of course,i need to charge it,i guess ii was more sort of responding to an earlier comment of the guy that told me i need to go sell some of my equipment because i wont need it till year three..

    But the things about needing to charge overhead for mantentance etc etc,absoltely....And thats the type of stuff i need to hear and remember right now...Thank you ,really..

    Wow,you've been around...Mind if i PM you at some point?
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    Well if you already know everything what seems to be the problem, you got it all figured out, so why are you even asking?
    What's the matter, can't you, the great Poom-bah, click that mouse left over right and Abracadabra up some work?
    Why not?

    The problem is you are so full of yourself and your ego is so over-inflated that it's a wonder you have even ten customers, but in the end they all see it too, and failure is not only likely to be your only option but maybe it will actually do some good, thou I kind of doubt it will be enough to bring you down to the level where you need to be in order to run a successful business.

    It isn't all about figures and knowing how to do this, or that.
    Certainly those things help but it's about you and your personality too.
    You come across as the next ******* who just fell off the banana truck.
    That is why you are experiencing problems.

    Let me clue you in...
    Maybe you're smart and have all the money and maybe you're good looking, too.
    But customers will hire the guy who works hard and is down to earth first, even if his T-shirt is ripped up and shaking his hand makes yours smell of dog poo, because even today more than a few of us remember the days of the worst recession we just went through, what got us there, and how we got ourselves back out.

    And you or someone else can report me to the moderators for saying it like it is, too, because I don't care.

    Thank you now.
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    Hey there Herler,
    Not sure if you have been drinking and posting again but you are really making no sense at all...... If this gentleman is so full of himself, and his ego is self inflated, why is he here on a forum asking people for advise? Last time I checked, asking for advice was the complete opposite of being full of one's self. How do you know anything about this gentleman's personality? I would love to know how you came to the conclusion that this gentleman is "the next ****** that fell off the banana truck".... Really, please expand on your understanding of this person that you have never met and has only posted here 8 times.... You, on the other hand, are completely transparent. We are sorry Herler, if you have not been graced with good looks or have never been successful in life or business.. But you can't carry these grudges around forever and take them out on people who come to forums for advice. Quite frankly, it's disgruntled scrubs like you that scared all of the good folks out of this forum.. I mean, the recession? Who was discussing anything remotely close to the recession? Really, how much of that bottle did you drink this morning before you posted? Oh yeah, keep giving people those dog $&*# handshakes, I'm sure that is working great for you...
    Bottom Line Guy..... P.M me anytime bud... I love to talk the biz and don't let this scrub sour your L.S experience. There are still lots of us on here that are legit business owners with experience and are willing to chat.......
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    Without a marketing plan your hands are really tied at this point. There is not one form of marketing that works alone, it all works together. It can take years to build a good customer base and brand. Here are a couple quick things you can do to get going this late.

    1. Get active in your community.
    2. Hand out business cards everywhere.
    3. Hang flyers and business cards at all town hot spots.
    4. Cold calling
    5. Door to door
    6. Introduction letters in highend nieghborhoods
    7. Ad in local paper
    8. Networking events
    9. Door hangers
    10. Church news letter

    Again, next season you will need an actuall marketing plan and I hope you already have a business plan? But this should get you started this season and on a budget.
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    I've read through the posts, but I don't recall the OP saying anything about a business plan. Also, I don't recall him saying anything about the nature of the industry. Why did you choose to start a business that requires little startup capital, and requires little skill or know-how? These two elements of lawn services that are focused on mowing mean that the market is full of people with little investment and have nothing that is unique to offer the marketplace.

    Being in sales, the OP should understand that the most successful businesses are those that offer something unique. In grass cutting, the range of function is very small. Oh yes, some do a better job of trimming, others can do a better job because they have a power bagger, etc. But, by and large, most grass cutters fit into a narrow band of skills they bring to the table. In other words, your new business is just "one of many."

    As others have said, the path to full work load is usually a slow, steady one. It is not the kind of business that lends itself to instant success. After being on LS for many years, reading many posts, observing other LCOs in my area come and go, I think most get out of the business before they get very far at being highly efficient and productive. While the base skills are part of a short list at the beginning, and not much different a couple of years later. However, gaining on productivity is very important, and I think most are out of the business before gaining much in this department.

    I am not alone that can testify to word of mouth and networking for getting new work. While marketing tools, such as a web page and EDDM may be useful, getting the new customer next door, across the street, reaching the point of picking and choosing the new customer, takes time. It does not happen overnight. If a potential customer is pleased with their current LCO, you will find it hard to pry them away. Yes, some will "price shop," but your price won't be much different, and the potential customer may not be moved. And, if they are a "price shopper," you know they will drop you as quickly as the last LCO, and these are not good customers anyway.

    It would seem that you would be better served to leverage your experience in sales. Sales people are the most nimble and flexible people around. Getting into an industry you know little about, an industry filled with many other noobies, an industry of menial tasks for which there is little unique you can offer, may not be a very good idea.
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    Hey folks, all this advice has been keeping me busy the last couple days...Been doing some cold calling and door knocking and what not.

    I spoke too soon about my eddm campaign...I called USPS today and they said the only got 1/7 of my 5000 cards out today and my phone was ringing quite a bit from them today..And that was just the batch that was delivered...Thanks for keeping me calm and patient guys..

    Lmfao, OMFG that herler guy is awesome.. :) though i didnt read his whole post i knew what the rest was going to say and the best part is that he is saying that in a Welcome thread ! Bahahaha .. Thats great...

    @ Roger,yes i agree..Not the best industry to get into..Unfortuntaly i have the type of personality where i have to at least attempt to not fail,so i'm in this for a haul..

    Quick question,there is one person in particular i want to PM that responded to me on this...

    Do you guys have like a rep point system for most helpful people and also can anyone be PM'd???
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    Tony the greek,r u around?

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