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    One thing not mentioned often "routes" and or business are for sale.

    I bought my first LC business in So California in 1988, and it was a huge success instantly. I soled it for slightly more than I paid for it when I moved to Bamaland.

    My current business has been built from the ground up. It literally took 4 years to get full and the winters are still extremely tough.

    No one has mentioned this, but you have to target customers that are getting too old to do their own lawns, get in real good with the local nursery even if you have to bribe them.

    I get the feeling you haven't found your true "nitch" once you do you business will come a little eaiser.
  2. BottomLINEGuyNY

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    Ive got a question...

    Ive got a promo going on and send out flyers...Got some calls today,one speciffically this lady that kindof frustrated me..

    Bottom line,i want IN this neighborhood...She is the only one out in this area though,i hope she isnt the last...

    anyways,she called me to complain about her lawn,and to get a quote..
    She sounded disgusted with her current provider,so i went over tonight

    she has between 1/2 3/4 acre,easy cut.. but whoever she has to mow her lawn now,some kids company or something,botched the heck out of it,dug it up everywhere,looks awful,and they also arent cutting her island (its an island with plants,but lots of grass that still needs to be cut,they didnt touch it)

    anyways,this older jewish woman called me back after i left her a message and says she doesnt pay anyone upfront for the year,wants like weekly payments and wants to pay $20 bucks a lawn because this other person (guy ive actually heard of) will do it for $20 a lawn... she was kind of rude... i dont know what to do...Her price is way off,but i need clients... i dont know if i can live charging like that...

    the promo i got was already cheap.. 23$ a lawn at 26 cuts..BUT thats my paid in full promo....

    she is just under my skin....what do i do guys? i KNOW i do a WAYY better job then those punks who are ripping up her lawn..

    being in sales i get weary of people that dont want to work with you on payments...

    i want to stand firm in my pricing,thats my gut feeling..But then she'll walk right?
  3. Mayor of Mow Town

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    Could be worth sitting down and thinking about some of the common objections people will come up with (e.g. you're too expensive), and deciding on how you will deal with them when out and about. Only you can know what you're willing to do and what prices you are willing to charge.

    Apply some of those sales skills you've told us about!
  4. BottomLINEGuyNY

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    right but im here for help other than what i can read in a book or something..Ok maybe im asking too much.

    Yes i do have a sales background but i am no business guru. Roi for lawncare is something i would never have needed to know,nor would i have been born with that knowledge.

    If you guys dont talk about what you charge on this site,i understand,but if so then just tell me you dont instead of being cute

    maybe im being too general...

    Lets get more specific.

    When alot of you first started im assuming you had to take jobs you didnt want because you were a start up right?

    where do you draw the line?
  5. larryinalabama

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    I guess you have to have x amount of posts to pm.
  6. BottomLINEGuyNY

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    just figured that out larry...

    as i imagine people want to remain fairly anonymous here because of competition,theres really no other way to have a private discussion,other than pm...Better get my post count up!

    Looks like ten posts + ten days and you can pm...

    But,if larry wouldnt mind shooting me an email at Jakeles78@yahoo.com that would be cool man
  7. Mayor of Mow Town

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    I'm not trying to be cute, and didn't mean to come across as rude. Sorry.

    Just trying to say that every business is different and there are many variables.

    You have a huge advantage of having experience in sales. I know when I take the time to sit back and think though how I will respond in different circumstances (business and life), I usually make better decisions.
  8. BottomLINEGuyNY

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    my apologies,if im wrong,as im very capable of being so,it just clearly sounded that way.The unfortunate downside to typing conversation.My apologies.Reading it nother way,you sound like a real nice guy...I guess im a victim of being pissed of at this lady ...

    its bigger than just one job to me,because im finding that whether im on the phone in the office or doing an estimate for lawn care,humans are still humans,they mostly all want way more,and to pay way less...and though i dont have a boss per se,these customers are my bosses,and some are just plain imbeciles
  9. alldayrj

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    I wouldnt budge on price. Its hard now since you need work but people respect you standing your ground. Plus it will be a bad habit to drop later.

    Now you need to teach us some sales tricks and techniques!
  10. BottomLINEGuyNY

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    I can teach you how to cold call and make 10-15 business to business leads a day in only 45 calls..,though it would be a thousand times easier to be in the same room as me.And closing techniques,though something tells me you guys know about that :)

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