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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BottomLINEGuyNY, May 25, 2013.

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    and im not sure how much business to business sale you would want :) lol unless your comersh
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    Actually closing is what I want to hone in on. I can make the presentation, sell myself and the corp, write up the proposal and I walk away. I feel like I should ask for a deposit or do a follow up call but I don't most of the time. Keep in mind I do installs. Not maintenance.
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    You answered your own question here. You have to ask for the money! Get the deposit. If you have a good bid for what the customer wants, all that's left to decide is how are they going to pay for it?
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    Confidence and enthusiasm and assumptiveness win the game.

    But the trick with closing is your tools(contract-paper) and assumptiveness,

    When you are writing your contract have them next to you and give a "today price" And BE ASSUMPTIVE..You write that contract like he has already committed..If at the end he decided to wait or "think about it" or do research,act like your mind is boggled because you thought this was a done deal..ask why,give value,then close again....
    you say things like "ok and were going with package x,that will be starting right away" as opposed to "when would you like this to start"

    no open ended questions,no opening pandoras box,talk as little as possible then close close close......

    closing is a cycle...
    if you get objection,
    then you rebut,give value,and go for the close again...
    All the while you assume they are already commited.

    Ie Ok john,i have x y and z for sale,you an i both know time is money etc etc,if i dont have to make ten trips back n forth,i lose money,and time, SO,today,if you sign up,i will do x for 50 bucks off,today...
    your final words or mine at least are always, "Hows that sound" ?? then you get to feel them out,rebut,give value and close again....

    he says "oh i dont know,i need to do my research"

    then YOU
    rebut,give value,and go for the close again..

    IMPORTANT always deal with the check writer or have them at least available or dont waste your time....(as far as closing a business)

    then you
    rebut,give value,and go for the close again..
    rebut,give value,and go for the close again..
    rebut,give value,and go for the close again..
    rebut,give value,and go for the close again..
    rebut,give value,and go for the close again..

    i could go on and on talking about this... but im a crappy typer/speller

    ps if you have done a closing cycle 5 times,and they dont budge...Then your just going to piss them off...So stop there,and ask where and when and how to follow up with them
    also by the way..

    also its important that after you finish your close,and say like "jows that sound"?? shut your mouth.. dont keep talking ..more is less..
    try to sit,silently,and wait for the yes/no...
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  5. toasted

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    I had a customer recently that knew what their yard would cost for the year based on a company who served the client last year. In an effort to get me to reduce my price they offered to pay for half the season up front. Do you know that they were so far off that I refused? So, yes let them walk. You are providing a service not charity.
  6. alldayrj

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    Thanks that's all useful stuff. I tried some smaller stuff recently like when going over the project in their yard say "when we do the project, blah bla" instead of "if we do the job etc".
    I'll put it to work this week if it ever stops raining long enough for the phone to ring.

    What's you're timeline for a follow up call ? Do you set a date to follow up at the initial meet or just call a week later regardless?
  7. Armsden&Son

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    Hey there bud, just caught back up on the post... Wanted to try to give you a bit of answer on your question from earlier.... It's true that you might not find folks who want to chat dollars and cents or even give straight advice but in all honesty it's a great forum and P.M's are definitely a good way to go too. However, I like getting into the stuff that you were talking about with that lady..... I mean, that's the rub right? Even though you have a strong sales background, there is a lot going on with neighborhood immersion that you will learn along the way... I know how you feel, believe me... Your thinking "No big deal, I will meet this ladies price and blow the comp out of the water, everybody on the street will want to hire me!" I know that it is tempting and I know you asked if she would walk if you stood firm but the answer is this..... Do not lower your price, but make sure you get the account. You've heard this before and even preached it above as well.. Do whatever it takes, get super creative, make it work. Some folks on this forum would go so far as to say "Free Sample"... Short term investment for a long term return... How much will it cost you to give her that free sample? Is that in the budget? Discounts could work.. Percentages off certain services could work..
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    yeah,my issue with this lady is,i ABSOLUTELY CANNOT get it out of her whether she wants a new company because they do a shi$$% job,or because she is cheap? i have yet to send her the quote...WHile she was talking numbers,i was vague,didnt answer here or anything...

    i guess my main problem is i dont know what to charge...she fits in my promo,but she wont pay in full ,which is a requirement of the promo,and wants it 20 bucks a lawn....I think what im going to do is poke at WHY she wants to switch companies again....if i can pin her down to (they do a bad job) then i can close her no matter the price....
  9. BottomLINEGuyNY

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    i love it... why dont i tell her to fire the schmuck kids,and

    "i'll take care of your lawn next week for free, when you see my work,then we''ll talk price, how that sound"

  10. toasted

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    You may find that people don't talk price openly because what you charge depends solely on your company and nothing else.

    A formula will be helpful for you to be sure of your pricing.

    For each piece of equipment you own do the following:

    Aquisition cost+Maintenance cost+Running Cost/Billable Hours

    This will give you the recovery rate per hour that you charge for each piece of equipment.
    On top of this you add your labor rate and your overhead recovery rate which factors in all of your costs of living.

    On top of this number you tack on your profit margin. This is where you can be more or less competitive based on customer demographic.

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