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Hello and HELP!!!

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First of all,I would like to say how excited I am to have discovered this website and look forward to interacting with, and learning from, REAL professionals in this business. For 18 years I have been working in a field that I strongly dislike.In 3 weeks,if all goes as planned,I will sell that business and dive headfirst into the landscaping business.For years and years I have wanted to give this a try and finally I'm in a position to actually do it.I realize this won't be easy and will require a tremendous amount of hard work but am convinced that this is something I WANT to try.Over the last year and a half I have purchased some pretty decent equipment:2 John Deere tractors(LT150 and a Sabre),a medium priced Craftsman push mower(not self-propelled),a couple of weedeaters,blower,edger and assorted hand tools.I also have a mid-sized trailer.I feel like this is enough to at least get started doing basic maintenance.Presently,I have 2 accounts.
Guys,I need alot of help.I have a million questions but for now I would like to get a name for my business and some sort of design or logo.I have a name in mind but would like to find out if it's already taken.For starters,could someone help me with this?Thanks in advance. Jim Denny
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First thing I did was file a DBA or Doing Business As with my county. Go there with at least 3-4 names and check to see if the one you want to use is available. Pay the fee (~$30) and then you have the sole use of that name in your county.

The equipment you listed will work fine for a few accounts, but as you grow you will most likely find that commercial equipment is a must. Not only is it built tougher, it is much easier and more productive to use.

Rick is right. Go to your county seat and file you name for a DBA. They will check to see if the name is taken. You will also need to go to the tax office and set up your sales tax id (if applicable in your state). Go to a local insurane agency and start pricing the cost of commercial liability insurance.

Rick is also right about the equipment. The stuff you have now will be good enough to get you started, but as the money comes in and as the business grows you will need to get commercial quality equipment.

Get fliers or business cards made with your name and logo (you can get the logo done by a local graphic artist) and start hitting the pavement.

Best of luck to you !!!
There are 2 threads that I know of that will answer tons of questions. The first was started by myself anf it is titled Tired of scraping by in this business and ready to make cash. Help!
The second is one I researched when I first came called Can 1 man really make a living at this?
I brought them back up to the top for ya!
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