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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bobs72nova, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. bobs72nova

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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to this site, and have taken in a load of information.
    I have just purchased a used commercial toro ztr for my personal use, but have always wanted to start my own mowing service. My job allows me ample free time to start a part time business. I live in a rural area so demand should be moderate. It looks like a buddy would start me with cutting his 5 acres at his home/business( hes having problems with current service, the guys too busy and cant keep up). I plan on striping his, which is unseen around here, and word of mouth should grab me a few more accounts. My thoughts are leaning toward the sole propreitor. I plan on staying part time and small scale.
    Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Great site by the way, my head is spinning with info!!!!
    Thanks Bob
  2. bobs72nova

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    since I havent gotten any replies and there has been plenty to the "how much can I make" thread, I must have made a fatal error on this site, if someone would be kind enough to tell me whats wrong with my post it might save some other poor soul from the silent treatment.:nono:
    All in fun,
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    nothing wrong with your post. It is just the time of day and time of week you get the most responses. plus a few people on here dont like part timers. it takes money and jobs from the people who do it full time. as far as stripes. what type of grass. maybe you dont see stripes because the grass cant stripe
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    Where about in Mo are you located?
  5. Scag413

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    Only buy equipment as needed. Since you are part-time do not take on more than you can handle to were you are working every night and all day saturday and sunday. There is more to life than working and money...I know that is prlly a shock to some on this site cuz everything is about how much money you can make and how many toys you can buy. But I think you are headed in the right direction.
  6. bobs72nova

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    Thanks all, not looking to take money out of anyones pocket, just looking to pick up the excess, and believe it or not I am going to talk to the one individual who is doing the work around here and he is near retiring.(might just work for him part time to help).
    Area- outside of Troy.

    Sorry it took so loong for me to reply , but took vacation and found out no internet service where we were at!
    Thanks Bob

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