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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1BadHawk, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. 1BadHawk

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    Hy, names Rob and Im From Maryland. This winter I started my Lawn Care / Maintenance Company. Im puting together my business plan and creating a list of services which will require little or no overhead costs but will produce a fair amount revenue. My company is small (2-3 persons) but I hope to expand quickly. Below is a list of some services I would like to provide.

    Grass Cutting & Blowing (hr rate)
    Edging (hr rate)
    Flowers, Small trees & Shrub installs (Cost+markup+hr rate)
    Pressure Washing (hr Rate)
    Spring & Fall Cleanups (hr rate + disposal fee)
    Fertilizations (per application / per quantity)
    Gutter Cleaning (per foot)
    Retaining Wall Installs (Cost+markup+hr rate+additional fees for special equipment expenses)
    Other additional stone work (still researching and considering this option)

    Can you offer any other possible suggestions as to services that can be offered with little or no startup costs? Also, Ive listed the method Im considering using for fess for each service. What I dont know is whats a good starting fee for each of them. If you can provide any help on this that would be great. At the moment Im targeting primarily residential customers, but will be looking into the commercial sector as well.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. Eddie B

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    Tree trimming and mulch. Also, if you want to reduce startup costs, why don't you start solo?
  3. 1BadHawk

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    Mulching was on my list, forgot to type it in.
    Tree trimming is ok, unless they have a 10 story oak. Sure I could do that. Thanks

    As for starting solo, the business is family operated. Its primarily my brother and I as partners in an L.L.C.
  4. medimac

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    Hi welcome to the site!
    Just wondering who you are using for insurance and the rate if you don't mind. I'm currently using Erie at 800 per yr
  5. jeffex

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    Good luck with the hourly rate deal. It usually scares the hell out of customers because they think you should be working for $5 hr. Your better off using the help here estimating the time it will take to do the job and quoting a set price. This is the learning process in this biz that seperates the men from the yard boys. I didn't get top $$ when I started and you probably won't either but why work cheap. What $$ figure were you going to quote your customers?
  6. 1BadHawk

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    Right now I dont have prices. Trying to get an idea what to charge. I thought hourly rate would be best since everyones lawn is different, some will take longer then others and so on. I imagine I could simplify it, those with xxx size pay yyy, and those with aaa size pay bbb. Something like that perhaps.

    Thats why I was looking for some suggestions and input. I figure you all have the experience and could help me to get started down the right track.
  7. Texas Mower Parts

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    So, where did you get that name, 1BadHawk? Sound like a LS1Tech name, I'm a Ls1 owner too!
  8. M&M Lawns

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    Might I also get in on this conversation too?? I also am just starting out ..Lower Michigan area..Not much grass to cut yet but looking forward to starting spring clean up..That is where I am having issues on what to charge.. I have a good idea for my other rates of cutting /trimming/ mulching but that spring or next fall clean up is where I am stumbling.. What do most of you do for clean up and a going rate..?

    Thanks Much
  9. lwcmattlifter

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    What you charge depends a lot on how many people are working at the site and what equipment you are using. When I do cleanups I usually charge between $100 and $120 an hour and we charge 15-40 for disposal. This is for an experienced two person crew, truck and trailer with leaf loader, 2 echo 651's, walk behind blower and a rider. Basic cleanup includes removing all leaves and sticks. We also offer shrub trimming and small tree trimming. The big stuff gets subbed out. The biggest factor in deciding what to charge depends on what equipment you have and what people are willing to pay. As jeffex said don't tell them your hourly rate give them an estimate. I always bid high that way if the job is done faster then the price for the customer is lower. That always makes them happy because they think they got a deal. At the bottom of our estimate sheets there is a note that says "This is only an estimate, prices may vary depending on conditions." Hope that helps.
  10. procut

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    I have always said, do not charge by the hour. People think you should be working dirt cheap, and if you tell anyone the hourly rate that you actually could be getting, they often fall over. Do not let people "hire you" by the hour, because it also opens your self up to be accused of working to slow/fast. My advice would be to keep the hourly rate you wish to achieve in your head, then charge by the job to achieve your hourly rate.

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