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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by westside47, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. westside47

    westside47 LawnSite Member
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    Looking to officially start a lawn care business in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. I am a web developer sort of bouncing some ideas around and am wondering of what you all thing of my current website design. What could I improve with this design?

  2. tonygreek

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    As you're a web developer (and not knowing what your skill set is comprised of), do you think that's a good design and site build? I'd ask yourself these questions:

    Is it designed, and coded, to engage a visitor?
    Is the usabililty where you want it to be?
    Have you designed and built a site that's ready for 30% mobile traffic?
    Is the site designed in a way that's ready to sell your company and lawn care services?
  3. westside47

    westside47 LawnSite Member
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    The site is not ready for launch. Nor is the company. I was more of just looking for some feedback and thoughts upon viewing the page from ya'll and the experience you have had with online lawn care.
  4. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Gold Member
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    My honest, thoughtful, experienced feedback would be to blow it up and start over. Everything, from the page load on, is too cute and over-stylized by 100%. I actually questioned if it was going to be a Flash-based site and almost bailed, rather than waiting it out. If you have a slow-loading site, I'm not sure I would call even more attention to it by throwing up a page loader and "please wait for this site to load" message. To me, the site's overall design is getting in the way of visitor engagement and the home page really just lacks focus.

    - There are 80+ server calls. That is...excessive. (Whether this is a byproduct of this being a design mock, I don't know.)

    - You have photos that are .pngs, rather than optimized .jpgs with css shadows/borders.

    - Graphical text is hard to read and not going to be very usable for much of your target demographic.

    - The footer grass graphic is jumpy, especially on the first scroll down.

    - The overall visual aesthetic is noisy, distracting, and overwhelming and I do believe this is going to cost you eyeballs and conversions. Rarely are these types of highly-stylized sites friendly to the phone and tablet crowd. If you visit any well-known site you can think of, that is designed to sell, can you name any that use this visual approach?

    - This one is reeeeeally subjective, which I do try to avoid, but the heavy use of drop-shadows makes the site look dated. Less subjectively, every bit of text being drop-showed makes for a more difficult read, especially for the smaller fonts. Again, keep your target demo in mind.

    - Are you "the Green Team", "The Green Valley Guys" or "Green Valley"? As a new company, you want to preach brand, not brand confusion.

    - "To whom it may concern" is a dead, generic intro that I wouldn't use to engage, mostly because it's not engaging. Everything else on the site is in-your-face, so you might as well lead with "Hey, Provo!".

    - "Request a Free Quote" gets lost in a sea of greens, browns, and textures. You want that one to stand out.

    - The menu fade out transition is not smooth enough.

    - Please use CSS for rounding corners, shadows, borders, and overlaying text on backgrounds. Maybe you're doing it just to mock up the site but, if not, Google isn't going to have anything to index and your mobile phone and tablet users will not be able to read a thing.

    - I like the humor and messages/pics on the home page, but there's no real flow to them.

    But, really, you do have to factor in your mobile traffic. If you want lawn care sales advice, above and beyond how to convert traffic, it's that you don't want to ignore mobile. I see the traffic date of a lot of lawn care sites. With those, 30% of the eyeballs are via phones and tablets (especially tablets). As it currently is, this site isn't going to capture those eyeballs.

    Just yell if you'd like any clarifications or an assist. Like I previously said, I don't know your skill set, so I'm not sure what your strengths are or where you might like additional help/feedback/guidance.
  5. westside47

    westside47 LawnSite Member
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    exactly what I was hoping to hear. I appreciate the feedback
  6. webeminence

    webeminence LawnSite Member
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    Unique site overall so that's a plus. I like the scroll animation.

    You definitely pay the price to have a unique and flashy look. The load time is probably unacceptable and not worth it. You'll lose too many people as tonygreek said.

    I also agree with him on the drop shadows and overall design. Your design is flashy and unique but not necessarily modern. I'm not sure a lawn care service needs a super modern design but you don't want to sacrifice load times for a complex look that is a bit dated.

    I think the creative fonts are overdone. It's OK to have them in a few spots but you can simplify them in some areas and get rid of shadows and textures. This will make it a little less complex, create more search engine "food", and decrease the size of the site overall.

    I think the unique look can set you apart from others and my guess is that most of your customers will be impressed with it. But they have to be able to load it fast and find the important info quickly.

    Hope that helps.

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