Hello everyone we're getting snow

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mow-Daddy.com, Apr 11, 2013.

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    Mow-Daddy.com (Jim)
    New to the site I'm from Northern Minnesota. Just waiting on spring we need some global warming! Still have 2 ft snow on lawns and big snow moving in tonite and tomorrow 6 to 12 inches. crap !

    26yrs building contractor, retired 3 years ago to do lawn service(Love It) lot of work 70 hrs a week all summer but up here that's only 4 months long. Add a month for spring/fall clean-up that's about it.

    2 employees

    Equipment: 3 ford rangers, 2 I use, 1 for back up.

    Gravely 48" ZTHD 24 HP

    I went with smaller deck I also mow two cemetery's, talk about stones WOW over 1000 graves between the two. Good profit though.

    Cub Cadet 50" 25 HP ZT (Piece-O-Crap)
    Cub Cadet 33" 10.5 HP wide walk behind (not as much a piece-O-crap)
    3 push mowers
    2 stihl rs50 line trimmers
    still edger
    echo blower
    leaf plow w/elect lift
    tow behind leaf vac
    stihl 16 chainsaw
    stihl hedge trimmer
    Large stainless steel coffee thermos Keep the caffine comin !!

    Plan to start up Mow-DaddyII in Ocala FL. in 2 more yrs when my Daughter graduates collage. I need to get out of this frozzen He!! hole. 50 yrs is all I can take..
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    I don't blame you one bit for wanting to get away from 6 month long winter's, but going from MN. to FL. is a big change, do you know how hot and humid central Florida is?
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    Yes I know how hot and humid it gets, been there a lot in mid june every yr. No hotter than MN we get up into the 90s all the time and once in a while low 100s with 90% humidity. Thats why Im tired of this state freeze or broil !!
    But I plan on running Mow-Daddy in both states so I will be back and forth. Best of both worlds. May June July in Minnesota the rest of the time running the Florida crew.

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