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    Hey all. I am no longer in lawn care business. Was for many years in Northeast Oklahoma. At one time my son and I had close to 150 homes and 50 rental properties we cared for. Needless to say a rainy day was hell on schedule. I hope to get some valuable information and help from the best in the business just to help maintain my 5 1/2 acre home site. About half is in lawn along with many flower and shrub beds my wife Betty maintains. The rest is in timber we try to keep clean and thinned to look good. My mower isn't anything big and fancy but just a little Cub Cadet 3200 shaft drive with 48" shaft drive deck. Having been in the business I appreciate those who do a beautiful lawn as it was theirs.
    So thanks for letting this old lawn man in to join you.

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    Welcome to the site. I look forward to talking with you!

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