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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LAWNMAN1955, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. LAWNMAN1955

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    Well, I have retired from my fulltime job at the end of this year. In the Spring, I would like to start a lawn service. Not big, maybe 15 lawns or less.

    I will of course look over the do's and don'ts that are already listed here.

    I will most like work alone or maybe hire a helper.

    If I wanted to get certified in NJ for fertilizers and lawn treatments, how would I go about it? This would be something that I would do after I was establised for awhile, but would like to know in advance what I will need.

    I have 20 years experience with gardening and lawncare at my home which is appox 20,000 sqft of lawncare. I am also fimiliar with irrigation systems, their repair and service.

    Suggestions please...?
  2. Collegepro

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    Where are you located?? How long is the mowing season there?? If you dont mind me asking how old are you? Do you have enough money to start buying equipment?? etc etc...need more details
  3. LAWNMAN1955

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    THank you for your response. I'm 55 and retiring but in great shape. This is more of a second source of income along with mmy pension. 10 to 20 lawns would do the trick.

    Money is no problem. Cutting season is April throught October....
  4. HustlerRider

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    Welcome to retired life, you made it!

    I retired at 40, I'm 45 now & started my biz mid June of this year. Take a look at the following thread I started a few days ago, it explains how my first season went and may answer some of your questions.


    Best of luck!

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