Hello Everyone!


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Austin, TX
I have been in the landscaping maintenance business for a little over two years now. It's been interesting here in Austin, TX going through a major drought, high heat and now so much rain and weeds that have sprung up from all the burned up turf.
I'm a small operation with just me doing everything.
This community has been extremely helpful to me over the past couple years with many of you helping me to make major decisions with your kind posts about things.
As I go along I hope to contribute back. I really appreciate everyone here!

I started off simple with a Stihl Kombi system, Exmark Commercial 21 mower and Shindaiwa 854RT. Then very quickly began replacing the Kombi system with dedicated pieces. Last year I decided to do trees and bought a Stihl 200T, Stihl PP800 along with a multitude of safety gear and equipment. Now I'm looking at Wright Standers, Toro Grandstands and Scag V-Rides. Probably sounds very familiar to many of you.

Thanks and best wishes of a fantastic year for all,
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