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    I have been operating a lawn care business (Greens Keeper Lawn Care) for about 2 years now in Southern Wisconsin. Business has been good to me. I had been cutting my teeth in this business since I was a kid, but more so about 5 years ago when I started working as a ham and egger at a local golf course. I started the business with the basic needs like a 48" Scag, Sthil FS90 trimmer and edger, Sthil 600 Magnum backpack blower, 2 gallon sprayer, broadcast spreader, 5x10 trailer, and trimmer racks.

    In the beginning, I had a few residential lawns that were not going to be permanent. I made enough to pay the bills I acquired while getting started. the following year I gained 3 commercial accounts and 10 high class residential properties while still working full time as a irrigation tech at the local golf course. Now I'm in need of an upgrade to a bigger mower.

    Thats where I am today. I am thankful for this website. I welcome any and all advise from my peers

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