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    Hello everyone ! Names tim im 29, I signed up awhile ago but just now posting..I was in a bad accident that shattered my heel, fractured my pelvis in 5 places, which lead me to me recovering for the past year,and resulted in loosing my demolition job....Ive done lots of construction jobs in my life , maintenance, tile, roofer, electrician, framer, insulator, concrete, plumbing. but the doctor said i would never be able to do construction labor type work again, But since i started walking again for the past few months ive been doing any and every bit of side work that i can find and im doing pretty well physically except at the end of the day im pretty sore especially my back thats compensating for my foot injury all the time...im just happy im able to work again......enough of my sob story and back to the point....I have always wanted to start my own business and work for myself, and while thinking about it in a cast layed up on the couch I decided to try a lawn care business....something i can do at my own pace and enjoy...object here is to not necessarily get rich but get by and stay working doing honest day of work for a honest pay and hopefully between my construction experience and starting my lawn care business I can make that happen ....from my side jobs ive been able to put money away and buy some equipment, two snapper push mowers,mtd riding mower, two echo trimmers,echo hand held blower, and also a mtd walk behind blower, mtd walk behind edger, all used and older but im only $500 in so far...Im greener then green grass but been lurking here on the forums for awhile trying to read up and learn.....hope to make some new friends here! Cheers!
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    Good for you and smart move to start with what you can afford. The only problem is any joe with a mower and truck is in this business. Wish you well from SFO and Manteca.
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    Bad luck on the accident .... but at least you are still alive and walking, which is more than that motorcyclist can say who got chewed up underneath that truck a while back.

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