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    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Charles and I will be starting a lawn business in 2014. I noticed this site after searching numerous forums and found it to be very informative. A little about me, I am an OIF/OEF veteran who spent close to 10 years in the AF. While in the AF I finished my undergraduate in Criminal Justice. From there I was fortunate enough to be accepted for a position with a fortune 500 company (SAIC). I Spent two years there and was then offered a job here in Kabul, Afghanistan around Oct 2010. Since then I was able to finish my MBA. I have been throwing around a few job ideas for the past three years and eventually decided on lawn care/service/maintenance. I will also form another small business to supplement my income during the winter months when the lawn business is slow. My contract here in Kabul is up in Jan 2014. That will give me four months to do as much research as possible, create my business plan, marketing plan, services provided and research my customer base.

    Fortunately I will be able to pay cash for my equipment (truck, trailer, lawn equipment) so I will have somewhat an advantage over other individuals who start the lawn business. It isn’t because I was given the money it’s because I worked my tail off 84 hours a week with no days off for the past three years (I did take a three week vacation once a year) here in Afghanistan and saved my money for just this purpose.

    I purchased a house about 30 minutes outside of Huntsville, Al which is where I will be doing the lawn business. I recently took vacation and needed someone to mow my yard (I have about an acre) while I am over here. I contacted two companies in the area and neither one returned my phone call. Either they were too busy in my area to accept another customer or their customer service is just that poor. From there I knew I wanted to do lawn care.

    I am doing my best to document the steps taken to get this business up and running. My business plan is almost finished and I have purchased a web site. I want one document that will be easy to read and will help people understand what I had to go through, in this economic environment, to get a business up and running….from the business plan to forming an LLC and everything in between (licensing, insurance, certifications, etc). I have found a plethora of information on starting a lawn business both on this site and another and I wanted to consolidate that to one 2-3 page document in bullet format. There may be one out there, but I wanted to put one together with MY experience.

    I am not a smart guy which is why I am trying to research as much as possible. The degrees I have are just a piece of paper to me. I know a lot of friends/family members that never even graduated high school and are running their business like it was a fortune 500 company!;). With that said I want to thank everyone for their input on this forum and I look forward to being able to contribute as much as possible. Thanks!

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