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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by firehunter85, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. firehunter85

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    My companies name is Mow4lessLLC, we are based in CT, we are trying to get started up for the spring/summer time, but keep hitting bumps in the roads. We offer mowing, trimming, edging, hedge trimming, snow removal sanding, fall and spring clean up, also seeding. :usflag:
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    I'm in the same situation, and having small problems. Nothing that can't be worked out though. Just wait for the middle of May when the grass is growing like crazy, then those problems won't be such an issue. Good luck.
  3. Landrus2

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    Hey what's up guys are you setting every thing up for 2013 season :waving::waving:
  4. dig419

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    welcome, the best to you for 2013.
  5. forman

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    People will come to you when the warm weather hits, trust me the flood gates will open, just price yourself fair and this is a MUST never leave the customers phone call unanswered. Always return calls within 24 hrs. Show up for appts. and then followup with a professional attitude. Be honest and if you can't do something tell the customer.
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