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    Introducing myself here, my name is Collin and i am in the process of starting up my own lawn care, tree, and small landscaping business.

    I have ~3 years of experience in the lawn care field working for a single company in the area, and about 1 year of experience in landscaping. After i realized how long it would take me to make a good living at my previous companies and always knowing in the back of my mind what some of those yearly accounts are signed for i have decided to try my luck on my own running this business part time. I am trying to fill up 3-4 days of my week running my business while i am working another job with the rest of my time.

    I am located in southeastern WI, and have had a bit of luck finding work before i was registered and insured. I am currently registered as an llc and plan on being fully insured by april 1st. I have zero accounts at this point in time but i have a few methods ready to go for advertising and marketing my business. I am trying to do all of this without getting a small business loan, and the only payments i plan on making are for my truck and mower, the rest i buy from my personal income and i have alot of equipment already.

    Only question i have for the people that have been in the industry for awhile, is this.

    I am currently considering 3 zero turn mowers on a budget, a scag freedom z w/52" deck, a toro timecutter with the same size deck, or IF i can swing it a scag wildcat with 52-60" deck. I will obviously probably be starting with mostly residential accounts but i advertise for commercial also. I have only ever used turf tigers and bad boys w/72" decks and i will not buy anything other than scag or toro.
    Any input on what to get?
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    I'm just starting out, and picked up a Scag V-Ride 36" and a Honda 21" HRC216. Lotts of gates around here, but I figure the 36" stander will do up to 3/4 of a acre efficiently.

    In the end it's all about your target audience :D

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