Hello from Germany! :)


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Hi everybody,

just a short introduction:

51 year-old guy from northern Germany, not a professional, unfortunately :(

I inherited a house with a neglected lawn in 2015 and am working my way up to salvage the garden.

The lawn was about 6500sq.ft with around 30% cloverleaf and 30% speedwell. Professionally, this was deemed "beyond salvage" and I got the recommendation to start fresh. With two small kids, this was not an option, and I worked my way up with the usage of a selective herbicide, a rigorous fertilization schedule and daily mowing from a robot-mower since July 2016. The lawn gradually changed - the weeds went, getting the grass dense was the next step. Now, the grass is so dense the mowers blades get dull way faster than the manufacturer expects.

The best feedback came from my neighbours. At first, they were full of advice on how to improve the lawn. Now, they want advice on how to replicate the improvement ;)

Of course, there is always a next step. There is still a sustantial rest of Poa Trivialis in the lawn which I want to get rid of. The next step is to overseed with Poa Supina, it's the only thing that I deem capable of keeping Trivialis in check.

2018/2019 were draught years in Germany. Keeping this watered manually took time up into the night, and I decided on automatic irrigation. This is still absolutely exoticr on residential lawns in Germany. Germans use their Gardena-rectangular sprinklers or impact sprinklers on a hose-bib. ;)

First order was to bore a decent well, this was done professionally with a deep-well DN115 (4 1/2" ID) and a submerged pump at 40'. The well should be good for 40gpm, I installed a pump that gives me 15GPM with 60 PSI on the controller. My design idea was to stay below 12GPM and have some reserve.

Unfortunately, there are not many really skilled irrigation contractors in Germany. Most "irrigation professionals" are landscapers who decided that doing irrigation is more lucrative than cutting hedges and removing trees. It's not easy to listen to a professional who tells you that MP Rotators have their own filters so the y-filter at the pump has to be removed. I also found people who would just have a look at the garden without making measurements, make no tests on the water supply, and come up with a quote for the installation.

I learned all I could from irrigationtutorial.com and made my design in fall, based on PGP Ultra which has a good range for my lawn. Three laterals feed sprinklers on the left side, a middle line and the reight side.

The laterals were done in May and June, and the system has been running for four months. I am now fine-tuning the system, messing with the controller. Check-valves were added to the sprinklers lately, as I wasn't happy with the amount of air that got into the laterals from drainage.

Hoping to learn from you fine guys :)

Best regards,



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Thanks for the warm welcome :)

I have no current urgent issues. Establishing Poa Supina by overseeding is a prpfess that will take 1-2 years, so I'm not in a hurry.

Weather in northern Germany: Frost in the winter, heat in the summer :) we get several weeks of hard frost in winter. The summer in July and August is usually around 26-28°C = 79-82F. Summer in 2018 and 2019 meant 89-100°F for weeks, but it's now down to 69°F.

Rainfall is uncalculable in summer, quite anlot of rain in fall.

Some pictures for entertainment:

My daughter asked for me to turn the irrigation on. The middle sprinkler at 6gpm isn't much to look at, but most fun for the little girl :)

Overview of the lawn. The damage in front is from the kid's wading pool. The gaps were reseeded and take their time. As you may notice, the robot doesn't cut the last 6" to hard obstacles. Safety first. It could be a kid's foot.


Mr Robot, Husqvarna 430x. He was a game changer for me. Mowing took me 3 hours on saturday which I did not have (including disposal)



Well open - this looks a bit crammed:

Not so sophisticated blow down solution: ball valve and a hose

Well pressure during my biggest station - about 12GPM