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    Yeah yeah I know we live in a desert. But we do still have lawns! My husband and I started doing lawns several years back as independent contractor for his brother in law. We decided to branch out for ourselves as we felt his brother in law was charging folks way too much. So we started off last summer. Didn't start with doing several lawns but only a handful that my husband could do on Saturdays only.

    Well about a month ago he lost his full time job so we decided this was the perfect time to go out and build the business up. With that we order 5,000 fliers to deliver. So far we have gotten out about 2,000 of them but already have a 30 customer base going.

    Just got us a EIN this morning but now am wondering if we need a state business license or not. We do have one man working with us on a commission basis. But he will be responsible for his own taxes. Lots of things yet to sort out.

    Right now we do mowing, weeding, weed control, hedge clipping and small tree trimming. We also provide clean up services as needed. It is my hopes that within the year we will need two full time independent contractors working with us :)
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    Greetings and welcome from the Sunshine State of Florida. I wish you the best with your new found enterprise, with much success as well.
    easy-lift guy
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    Were like family my uncle lives by camel back mountain.

    you know this girl?

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    welcome..wish you the best

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