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    Been lookn' at this web site for a while and just decided to join it. Much knowledge avalable here! My knowledge is mostly in ornamental conifer trees. I own and manage just over 20 acres of "and growing" cold-hardy variety of sruce and pine. I do some custom compact tractor work involving loader work, storm damaged tree removals, driveway maintinace, snow plowing, sight leveling, water drainage issues, rotary cutter, and have done complete lawn installs too. I also work within the timber industry. It may seem a little odd for me to join a "lawnsite" and be so involved with trees. Well after 10 years of running a ornamental tree farm I have seen my trees grace beautiful lawns and landscapes, all seem to complement each other very well. I think learning more here will help further what I have worked up to so far and hopefully vice-versa!

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    Welcome to the site, man. There is tons of great info on here as well as new people everyday adding their knowledge.
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    Thanks for the welcome Dlawns! I Should have joined earlier!
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    Welcome to the site I also just joined recently.

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