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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BerryBeezy, Jul 16, 2014.

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    I was finally able to register! Took me about an hour but made it. I am not new to mowing grass (I'm 31 and from a place some people would call the country) but I am new to making a business from this. I know my work and its good so why not make a few dollars from it. I am in the process of getting a part time lawn service business off the ground. My goal is to be prepared to run full time starting around February. For right now my equipment consists of a Craftsman 22 in self propelled, a Stihl trimmer, 2 electric blowers (I have one configured to mulch) and an electric hedge trimmer. Oh and my 2006 Altima. Don't get on me too bad about hauling my equipment in the trunk. Like I said I'm starting out. I'm doing some research on equipment to buy and I'm also looking at a trailer. I plan on buying a 48" Toro walk behind as my primary work horse and my craftsman will only be for tight spots. If anybody has any help, comments or something you want to poke at please do so so i can get off on the right foot. I have read lots of info on here and I figured I should join up and be a part of this bunch. (The other forums didnt seem to offer as much info.)

    Thanks fellas!
    Glad to be here
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    Welcome from another new member from Missouri. I bought an old pickup a couple of years back and started much the same way. I used (and still regularly do use) a Husqvarna 22" Variable Speed mower (with a Honda engine) and it's served me well under fairly regular use. In fact I used it on 2 small city lawns today. Last year I upgraded to a Toro TimeMaster (30" walk behind) and I use it quite a bit as well.

    Good luck in your business. Mine has started small and is growing a bit each year. In a few years I too plan on doing this full time. Don't forget leaf removal, there always seems to be a market for that as well. As far as the Altima, I've seen several of them (and similar sized cars) pulling small 4'x6' trailers over the years with no problems - just don't load it down too heavy.

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